Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Just when you thought it was safe....

If you didn't already know, go HERE. When I first heard the ILLFIGHTYOU mixtape, the only phrase that came to mind was: "Mayhem for mayhem's sake." So it continues.

I once witnessed a crowd of hipsters in Ballard become completely flummoxed as they were faced with the raw verbal onslaught of KHRIS P and UGLYFRANK. Maybe they were under the impression that all PNW Hip Hop sounds like Blue Scholars and Macklemore? Regardless, it was a beautiful thing to see all the rain boot, tight yellow tshirt, scarf wearing; PBR sipping, frenchie owning sensitive boys and girls either flee the scene, or attempt to dance awkwardly. Word to Larrry Mizell, PRO RELAXER, and the ILLFIGHTYOU Crew.