Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hi everybody, it's me, BrainSlice. I am alive (reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated. I wasn't stabbed to death in Salt Lake City), even though I haven't been writing. So, back to business.

Every so often, an album comes along and makes me feel something. Not something like "this is good music", more like something I forgot. My childhood, the wonder and excitement of discovering. Losing yourself in the experience, forgetting everything else that is swirling around you in everyday life and just being in the moment. It's more and more difficult to have that these days. Kids, career, bills, ex-wives (yeah, the plural is intentional), injuries, phone notifications, acid flashbacks, vertigo, roosters crowing, dogs shitting in your yard, software updates, empty whisky bottles, laundry, email spam, blood and vomit stains on your shoe, seeds and stems, acid flashbacks..oh wait I already said that. Anyway, when an album does this for me, and I am truly lost, transported somewhere, be it a real or imaginary place, I am content. 

One record comes to mind right now:

Guilty Simpson "Dice Game" - yes, I am aware that this one is not new. It's still fresh to me though, and I ain't even trying to impress any of y'all by being the first to write a review or some shit. Fuck that. This album makes me FEEL Detroit. Apollo Brown and Guilty are both masterful, and I get lost in the landscape of the Motor City every time I put it on. Go buy it, because I know your cheap ass didn't already, if you've even listened to it.

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