Monday, October 7, 2013

It’s Monday. Get yourself some “Folk Hop” in your life…

A typical October day in the Great Northwest equals: chilly, overcast, and overall dreary.  You get used to it, but when you’ve been spoiled by such an amazing summer, it takes a minute to submit to the return of FallInterIng - the three seasons not named “Summer,” that seem to blend together around here.  Throw in a case of the Mondays, and one could understand my less than stellar mood today.
Luckily, Jasper T. and John Crown got my back.   These two local cats got together a little while ago, and not only made the fusion of folk and hip-hop work on their first collabs, “The Lily” and “Julie,” they straight said “fuck your genres” and killed it on stage together for some full sets I was lucky enough to catch.  Somehow, it just works.  And their new single, “Broken Singer Blues 2.0” continues the trend:  Heartfelt strings, lyrics and vocals flow together nicely over a sick beat…Northwest wizardry, my friends.
Coined “Folk Hop” by its creator, this is the first cut from Jasper’s soon-to-drop remix project, featuring a flood of talented local producers from the likes of Keyboard Kid, DJ Phinnesy, and Trox, who happens to bless the beat on “BSB2.0.”  I could drop more names and reasons why you should also be looking forward to The Sweet Dark, Pt. 1 Remix EP, but I don’t need to.  Just listen to this song, buy it, and tell Monday to suck it.  Peep:

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