Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Air 'Em Out - Could You Pull The Trigger?

Just as I'm finally recovering from "Post-Concussion Syndrome" (thank you Benny for the diagnosis, later confirmed by my doctor), this week happened. The vertigo is back. Action Bronson / Harry Fraud, Statik Selektah, Prodigy / Alchemist, and MadLib / Quasimoto all have my head swimming. The last few days I've been walking around with a case of the spins. Feels like I took a couple XL bong rips of skunky Colorado green while downing the better part of a fifth of Jack Daniels (Ed's Note: Yes, BrainSlice really does know how that feels.) So, in order to get my bearings back, I will forego further commentary on this RIDICULOUS week in Hip Hop and grab onto something familiar.

In case you didn't know. CZARFACE.

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