Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RA The Rugged Man Takes You To Church.

Talib Kweli once listed some of his favorite verses of all time on his Tumblr page. One that stood out to me was RA The Rugged Man's verse on "Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story". The track, off Legendary Classics: Volume 1 which featured Jedi Mind Tricks, definitely showcases Rugged Man's lyrical prowess. Thing is, EVERY MOTHERFUCKING TRACK HE'S ON DOES THIS. Sorry, I got a little excited there. My point is, I feel RA has been slept on. Despite being an independent veteran of the Hip Hop movement, champion of the so-called underground, accomplished writer, and insane lyricist, few self-proclaimed Hip Hop heads I speak with will list him as one of their favorites. This is a damn shame. I mean, shit, even Notorious B.I.G. stated, "and I thought I was the illest" in reference to Mr. Thorburn.

With the mutual respect Talib and RA have for each other, it comes as no surprise that there is collaboration between the two on Rugged Man's forthcoming album: Legends Never Die. I knew it would be dope, but this shit right here?

I don't think a post about Rugged Man is complete without a movie reference, so, to quote The Stranger (The Big Lebowski): "Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's just the man for his time and place."
Hip Hop needs RA The Rugged Man, and it's about damn time we get another album out of him. Legends Never Die drops April 30th, and if you don't pull out your Palm Pilot (or whatever new-fangled gadget the kids use nowadays) and mark the date, I'm pulling your card. That's right. you are no longer allowed to call yourself a Hip Hop fan.

Now watch this video:

And maybe take a look at what Talib Kweli and Mr. Green have to say about him:

If you're still not convinced about the relevance of this man in Hip Hop culture, I'll have to repeat the words of Flavor Flav: "Can't do nuttin' for ya man."

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