Monday, December 17, 2012

“Sittin’” Back…

Besides what’s going on here in the city where I live, sometimes it’s hard to find younger cats that really get me excited.  Not that they aren’t out there, but in this new world we live in, cutting through the clutter to find the gems takes more energy and time than I have.  Sometimes, though, the good ones have a way of finding you.  Luckily, my laziness didn’t stop Kendall Elijah from locating my ear drums. 
One of my billion regrets is not writing about his 2011 EP: Eli Dynamite.  It’s a free download, and worth every second of your time and energy (the video for “The Wild” is also not to be missed).  Enough of the past, though.  Today is about tomorrow, something I think this dude will be a big part of – or at least deserves the opportunity to be.  
Once again tapping a classic sample to serve as a foundation for his unique flow and singing style, Kendall Elijah (courtesy producer The Pyrex Kid) channels his inner Otis on “Sittin’,” a new release for your aural pleasure.  Don’t even trip, he does it more than justice.  But don’t take my word for it.  Here it is, no energy needed…just a click, you lazy bastards:

Or,, just in case.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Truth is Outchea…

My fellow earthlings! I have returned from an otherworldly experience. It’s been months, but my excuse is Rick-solid: I was abducted by extraterrestrials. The things I’ve seen…and, more importantly, heard. They cannot be unheard. Then again, I don’t WANT them to be unheard.
Don’t worry: The E.T.s was coo! No probing, or any other pause-worthy type shit. No, these Alien Life Forms, clip_image004or ALFs for short (gawd I loved that fucking show; holds up, too, in case you’re wondering) just wanna kick it. Blow some spacely trees, sip some Henny (or Goose, in my case), and bob your head to some unearthly knocks…these four martian-mahfuckas had me on some Saturn-swag.
They called themselves Tay Sean, Jerm D, Mikey Nice and Jarv Dee, and kept talkin’ clip_image006about bein’ from Cloud Nice. All I know is that together as Kingdom Crumbs, they put out some…ahem, Helladope fantastic flow over some etherealelectronicdiscofunkadelicsmokedout beastly beats. The planets and stars aligned for this one, fambly.
Now, it’s true, this self-titled debut has been out in the universe for a minute. Maybe you already copped this cosmic drop, and maybe you’ve been noddin’ along knowingly to this lil’ dispatch. Good for you. Hook me up with a late pass, though. I can’t help it, I’ve been on an intergalactic trip for a bit. Abducted, even. I ain’t mad though.
In fact, between the spacely-trees and Kingdom Crumbs LP (which you can get for whatever you want to pay for it…don’t be cheap, son), I got a bad case of the UFO: Unidentified Fiendin’ Outchea. Get you some.
Live long and prosper, bitches.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Murry Christmas, Bitches…

Awe man, it’s been a minute.  Never fear, though, I come bearing gifts.  Sean P has been on fire lately (more on that coming your way courtesy Brainslice…or so I’m told), leaving a trail of wack rappers curled up in the fetal position wherever he goes.  Mix in a little holiday spirit with that Mic Tyson-flow, and apparently you get ass-flavored candy canes, a toothbrush full of balls, and rap hands.  Coal never sounded so good.  Peep: