Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time-Out, Rape Jokes, and Rare Chandeliers.

Recently this text message was received by my cellular telephone:

“Zip it asshole... As a matter of fact, because of your actions throughout the entire day, you're in text purgatory for the next couple hours. You sit there and think about what you did today...the mustache, the rape jokes, and now speaking ill of the beautiful Shiva.”

Benny, Catch, and Digg are all ignoring me. It is not a crime to have a mustache, and we live in the USA, therefore if I want to make jokes about various Utah Jazz alumni sodomizing Digg, I fucking CAN. Who the fuck is Shiva anyway? Nevermind, I don’t care.

A lot of good music out lately, so rather than harassing my crew via text, I thought I would mention one of these recent releases. After all I have been silent for too long.
If you haven’t already seen this…’re welcome.

This mixtape (or whatever the hell we call it these days) is just another installment in the continual stream of ridiculous beats and rhymes that flow from the man that is called Action Bronson. Of course, Alchemist is always nice on the production as well. I gotta say right now "Bitch I Deserve You" featuring Evidence is my favorite joint. Smooth as hell. Jump on over to EGO TRIP and download it.

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