Wednesday, July 4, 2012

From the Inbox...Summer Edition

So I'm 100% positive that there will be more of these as the summer goes along. Truly, who wants to be inside on a computer when it's nice outside? So I got some things in here, some new and some older but just haven't got around to getting to them...apologies to all.

J. Pinder recently dropped the second video from his debut album Careless for the track, "A Learning Game. The video is dope and shot in POV perspective. Check it out and go cop the album here.

I can't say that I have ever been a fan of La Coka Nostra but I am a fan of ill beats and DJ Premier laid a dope one down for these dudes to rap to on "Mind Ya Business" which will be on there soon to be released Masters Of The Dark Arts droppin July 31st. Included after the video are the first two "leaks" from the album, "Malverde Market" and "My Universe".

Fearce and BeanOne (of Dyme Def) dropped the visuals for a joint, "Bully", that was not included on their album There Goes The Neighborhood. I couldn't describe the meaning/purpose for this video any better so I'll let them do it for you:

In recent years, bullying has become an international epidemic that's been coupled with a devastating rise in suicide by those victimized by their antagonizers.  The issue has become subject to intense scrutiny by the media, where we've learned that Bullying is not blind to gender, race, or age, as exemplified in the recent case of Karen Klein, the bus monitor.  For the latest set of visuals by Seattle's Fearce & BeanOne (of Dyme Def), the emcee/producer duo shed light on the issue by painting a picture of the physical and emotional hardship of a bullied student who feels that his only way out is by taking his own life. Through this video, Fearce and Bean hope that those suffering from the hands of a bully, may utilize the resources available to help them get through what may otherwise feel like a dead end.

This is definitely a very heated and deep subject throughout the US right now with all the videos like  this floating around. Peep the video and get the track here.

Seattle OG Fleeta Partee recently dropped his LIFEMUZIK EP and visuals for the second single, "Inception" produced by The Town's own Vitamin D. The video is directed and shot by The Note. The Note is on his video game right now, I like what he's doin. Cop the album here, and check out the first single "The City" here.

Well, I think that's it...another successful edition of "From The Inbox" brought to you by me....bitches. Everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July. Peace.

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