Monday, June 11, 2012

BFA with a PSA...It's Taco Tuesday

Some of you youngsters might not remember the inception of Taco Tuesday...shit some of you might not know what it is now. I know two that do though...Goon and Cole...aka Brothers From Another. Since I got hip with their Too Soon EP in 2009, I think I have heard everything released from these two young cats from Seattle. Taco Tuesday is probably their most complete project to date and continuing to rep the town HARD with tracks like "Molly Moons", "Sonic Boom", and "Hotel Monaco". They also decided to bring a long a few of their friends and Town vets, Malice and Mario Sweet, Thig Nat (of The Physics), Geo aka Prometheus Brown (of Blue Scholars), and DJ 100Proof (of Members Only). I can get down with every track on Taco Tuesday, but "Sonic Boom" is the cut. I can't tell you if it's the maturity of their verses, the beat, or the mix by DJ 100Proof, but I find myself gravitating towards this track. You know, it's one of those start with it, then play through the EP, and then end with it kinda tracks for me. Don't take my word for it though, pick up your own copy tomorrow, Taco Tuesday, at the link below.  Peace.

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