Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sasquatch Day Four: A Triumphant Return

As I was sitting dialing the number to my bank early Monday morning I thought to myself, "Self you should hold up on calling just yet. You forgot to check back at the campground lost and found". When I arrived there and told the young woman my name she replied, "Hmmm, sounds familiar". YESSS, and a few momemts all three cards were safely back in my wallet and we were headed to the festival grounds for the final day of Sasquatch 2012 and it was a warm one. I took the morning off once again to write up the day before. After battling the internet connection for a couple hours I was done and on my way
Gary Clark Jr is a blues guitarist from Austin, Texas. I first heard of him a few weeks before while watching the NFL Draft where Clark collaborated with Nas on the theme song for this years draft. I immediately copped his 4 track EP, Bright Lights, and when I saw him on the lineup for Sasquatch I knew I couldn't miss it. I'm glad I didn't, his blue guitar riffs are like a blast from the golden years of blues and guitar. The whole set was awesome and I look forward to hearing an entire album. Check out the video below for a small sample of what he can do.

The only disappointing thing about seeing Gary Clark Jr. is that I had to miss Katie Kate on the Maine Stage. I did see her in the the media area looking great and heard that she followed it up with a good set. Two of my local favorites were set to close out the Maine Stage in the afternoon. Don't Talk To The Cops made up of Emecks, BlesOne, and DJ El Mizell is an electro, pop, punk, hip-hop group from Seattle. Once they hit the stage the energy level skyrocketed and I could hear chants of "let's get weird"coming from the crowd. That energy didn't stop until they were damn near exhaustion in the heat. At one point Bles, took a little break and invited Them Team to the stage to showcase their b-boy abilities. Ronnie Voice and OC notes joined them on stage at various points to jam as well.
Fresh Espresso is another hip-hop group that I have followed since the release of their debut album, Glamour, in 2009. Glamour is one of those albums that still gets rotation wherever and whenever I need to hear some music. I for one was rather impatiently awaiting the release of their second album, Bossalona, which drops on June 5th. They have been playing several tracks from the album at their shows for the past year or two. I say "was" because P SMOOV and Ric Rude made Bossalona available for festival goers to purchase and, since I now had access to my money, that is exactly what I did after watching them rock. Their set included a few songs from Glamour but was mostly made up of tracks from Bossalona which was like hearing them again for the first time. Actually some of the tracks I was hearing for the first time, tracks like the Shaprece acompanied "Lake Michigan", "Green Windows", and "Bossalona". I am never disappointed to see DTTTC and Fresh Espresso.
Next up on the Bigfoot Stage was Seattle's Shabazz Palaces. Shabazz is made up of Palaceer Lazaro (formerly "Butterfly" of Digable Planets") and Tendai 'Baba' Maraire. I dig Shabazz, but there seemed to be a lull in the crowd at the Bigfoot Stage. I'm not sure if it was the heat, people being unfamiliar with Shabazz Palaces, or the fact that the duo spent a majority of their set standing behind a table but something brought the energy down. I will say that despite that, I thought they had a good set and did everything they could to get the crowd involved.

After a short jaunt back to the campsite to get prepared for the night shows, I was back at the Bigfoot Stage to see Deer Tick perform a "covers" set. Apparently Mogwai wasn't able to make it and Deer Tick was asked to step in. They performed covers of Nirvana, The Replacements, and The Beastie Boys among others. It was actually pretty cool.
I then went over and caught the last couple of songs from Tenacious D before watching Beck close out the 2012 edition of Sasquatch Music Festival. Ok, I admit it I only stayed for about half of the Beck show...when did he change from "Two Turntables and a Microphone" and "I Wanna Get With You" to what he is today? Damn near put me to sleep out there. Best stage accessories for the weekend goes to Tenacious D for the GIANT cock and balls that adorned the stage behind them.
My first venture to Sasquatch was truly amazing, start to finish, despite the minor road bumps in between. Thanks to everyone involved for putting on a great festival every year. Hopefully, they will invite us back again next year. Once again, you can check out ALL my pictures from this weekend at the AYCE Flickr page. I'm gonna hit the couch and relax! Peace.

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