Monday, May 14, 2012

Fuck Prof.

Yeah I said it. I have seen this dude five damn times live on stage, and it is always flawless. From ridiculing a fan for handing him a Lemon Drop (that’s a fruity girl drink, in case you didn’t know), to completely controlling the mood and tone of his show with a perfectly balanced set-list, he can do no wrong. That’s why I say Fuck Prof, and I mean that as a compliment. Since I became a fan of the self-dubbed “Kaiser Von Powderhorn” (yes, he reps his ‘hood), I have felt like his tracks addressing topics of a more serious nature have been overlooked. As usual, I was fucking right. This shit, right here? “Myself” is my favorite track off the album, and I was excited to hear he was dropping a video for it. Check it out, and please take the time to read Prof’s description, since he’s the fucking expert, not me. By the way, you can get his music right HERE, for FREE. So stop being a dick-face and listen to it. Then, next time he is in your town, buy a ticket and some merch and support REAL Hip Hop.

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