Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fatal Lucciauno - Big Bro (Video)

The night before I left for Sasquatch I opened the email from Sportn' Life with the new video from Fatal Lucciauno then amongst everything I forgot post it up. The video is for "Big Bro" off his most recent album, Respect. Check it out and cop the album here or here.

J.Pinder - Careless (Album)

J.Pinder's new album, Careless, is another project that I have been waiting for...and it just kinda sprung upon me. I was checkin the inbox and saw and email that he was featured on MTV Buzzworthy Blog and that is where I first learned that it would be dropping 5 days later on May 29th. Fast forward 5 days and just as planned there it is and along with it a interview on HipHopDX.  This is all a good look for the Seattle artist. Check out the video for his first single, "Never No" featuring Dice, from Careless below then hit the link and cop the album. Peace.

This should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential neighborhood...enjoy.

Oh. Shit. Son. Now don't get me wrong there are a couple projects that I have been waiting on but this one here...I have been waiting and waiting. Here it is, finally. Fearce and BeanOne of Dyme Def collabed on this, which should be 12 tracks of pure gold. 

Sasquatch Day Four: A Triumphant Return

As I was sitting dialing the number to my bank early Monday morning I thought to myself, "Self you should hold up on calling just yet. You forgot to check back at the campground lost and found". When I arrived there and told the young woman my name she replied, "Hmmm, sounds familiar". YESSS, and a few momemts all three cards were safely back in my wallet and we were headed to the festival grounds for the final day of Sasquatch 2012 and it was a warm one. I took the morning off once again to write up the day before. After battling the internet connection for a couple hours I was done and on my way
Gary Clark Jr is a blues guitarist from Austin, Texas. I first heard of him a few weeks before while watching the NFL Draft where Clark collaborated with Nas on the theme song for this years draft. I immediately copped his 4 track EP, Bright Lights, and when I saw him on the lineup for Sasquatch I knew I couldn't miss it. I'm glad I didn't, his blue guitar riffs are like a blast from the golden years of blues and guitar. The whole set was awesome and I look forward to hearing an entire album. Check out the video below for a small sample of what he can do.

The only disappointing thing about seeing Gary Clark Jr. is that I had to miss Katie Kate on the Maine Stage. I did see her in the the media area looking great and heard that she followed it up with a good set. Two of my local favorites were set to close out the Maine Stage in the afternoon. Don't Talk To The Cops made up of Emecks, BlesOne, and DJ El Mizell is an electro, pop, punk, hip-hop group from Seattle. Once they hit the stage the energy level skyrocketed and I could hear chants of "let's get weird"coming from the crowd. That energy didn't stop until they were damn near exhaustion in the heat. At one point Bles, took a little break and invited Them Team to the stage to showcase their b-boy abilities. Ronnie Voice and OC notes joined them on stage at various points to jam as well.
Fresh Espresso is another hip-hop group that I have followed since the release of their debut album, Glamour, in 2009. Glamour is one of those albums that still gets rotation wherever and whenever I need to hear some music. I for one was rather impatiently awaiting the release of their second album, Bossalona, which drops on June 5th. They have been playing several tracks from the album at their shows for the past year or two. I say "was" because P SMOOV and Ric Rude made Bossalona available for festival goers to purchase and, since I now had access to my money, that is exactly what I did after watching them rock. Their set included a few songs from Glamour but was mostly made up of tracks from Bossalona which was like hearing them again for the first time. Actually some of the tracks I was hearing for the first time, tracks like the Shaprece acompanied "Lake Michigan", "Green Windows", and "Bossalona". I am never disappointed to see DTTTC and Fresh Espresso.
Next up on the Bigfoot Stage was Seattle's Shabazz Palaces. Shabazz is made up of Palaceer Lazaro (formerly "Butterfly" of Digable Planets") and Tendai 'Baba' Maraire. I dig Shabazz, but there seemed to be a lull in the crowd at the Bigfoot Stage. I'm not sure if it was the heat, people being unfamiliar with Shabazz Palaces, or the fact that the duo spent a majority of their set standing behind a table but something brought the energy down. I will say that despite that, I thought they had a good set and did everything they could to get the crowd involved.

After a short jaunt back to the campsite to get prepared for the night shows, I was back at the Bigfoot Stage to see Deer Tick perform a "covers" set. Apparently Mogwai wasn't able to make it and Deer Tick was asked to step in. They performed covers of Nirvana, The Replacements, and The Beastie Boys among others. It was actually pretty cool.
I then went over and caught the last couple of songs from Tenacious D before watching Beck close out the 2012 edition of Sasquatch Music Festival. Ok, I admit it I only stayed for about half of the Beck show...when did he change from "Two Turntables and a Microphone" and "I Wanna Get With You" to what he is today? Damn near put me to sleep out there. Best stage accessories for the weekend goes to Tenacious D for the GIANT cock and balls that adorned the stage behind them.
My first venture to Sasquatch was truly amazing, start to finish, despite the minor road bumps in between. Thanks to everyone involved for putting on a great festival every year. Hopefully, they will invite us back again next year. Once again, you can check out ALL my pictures from this weekend at the AYCE Flickr page. I'm gonna hit the couch and relax! Peace.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sasquatch Day Three: Ballin On A Budget

Whew, what a day. Started off with a little writing as I took the morning off to bring you up to speed on the prior days activities. It was going to be another full day with Fly Moon Royalty, Spac3man, and Dyme Def on the Maine Stage. Then Deer Tick and Little Dragon on the Bigfoot Stage and closing out with Beirut and Bon Iver on the Sasquatch Stage.
Fly Moon Royalty is an Electro-Soul duo from Seattle comprised of Action Jackson and Adra Boo. They are extremely dope, unfortunately I was in the zone writing and uploading photos that I totally lost track of time. I did catch the last five minutes or so, and with a stage full of go-go dancers, I was sorry I missed the whole show. Check out their bandcamp for a new FreeEP and cop their album.
Spac3man, however, I did not miss. When I got to the stage I noticed that they had put up a fence between the stage and crowd, something that was not there the day before. This, I thought, would put a damper on Spac3's performance. Much of his live show is spent interacting with the crowd. Not just interacting but actually being IN the crowd. He did his thing on stage then, in typical Spac3man fashion, he made his way into the crowd. Surrounded by a raucous group of festival goers, Spac3 got the whole crowd jumping and singing along with him. I was impressed. Then again, that is what I have come to expect from Spac3man. You can check out and get some of his music here.
Next up on the Maine Stage was Dyme Def. Dyme is no virgin to performing at Sasquatch, having performed here once before in 2008. Call it a homecoming if you will. The trio of Brainstorm, S.E.V, and Fearce were definitely up to the task and had a couple of little surprises in store for the Sasquatch crowd. They performed tracks from Space Music, Sex Tape, and the recently released Yuk The World. There is never a dull moment with Dyme Def that's for sure. Surprise number one: they got a girl a date to prom. She sent them a message on Facebook and asked them if they would as her boyfriend to prom at their Sasquatch show and they obliged. Awwww, how sweet. Congrats and have fun to the happy couple. Surprise number two: a secret show with the Red Bull truck at 12:30am in the middle of the campground. I think there were just as many people, if not more, at that show. Both shows were crazy. After the secret show, people were climbing on the truck, rocking it, and chanting "one more song". That shit was crazy.
I then hopped over to the Bigfoot Stage to catch Deer Tick on the recommendation of a buddy. I'm glad I did. They were surprisingly awesome. I'm told they are from Rhode Island but they claim to be from all over the east coast. You know a show is going to be good when the lead singer starts by saying, "I started drinking early today cause we had a lot of media shit to do today". Awesome. Deer Tick has been labeled as country, folk, rock-n-roll. They rocked our faces off yesterday. The highlight was another MCA/Beastie Boys tribute as they performed "Fight For Your Right". I wish I could have recorded it for everyone, that shit was incredible. As if The Beastie Boys didn't smack you in the face enough with that, Deer Tick took it one level higher. Check them out.
After a little break and some sustenance we hit Beirut on the Sasquatch Stage. They were alright. I was surprised to recognize the horns on one of their songs though. Those of you from Seattle may know a couple guys by the name of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. If you do, then you may know a little song called "Irish Celebration"...yep you get it. This is where Ryan Lewis got the sample. I was totally tripped out.
The night closed out with Little Dragon and Bon Iver, both of which were good. Little Dragon is a Swedish Electronic band with a Japanese female singer, how awesome is that? I mean, it's not really my cup of tea but it was cool to see once. Bon Iver, on the other hand, wasn't bad at all. They definitely brought the tempo waaaay almost asleep in the cold down. They were good though, and lead singer Justin Vernon seems like a personable guy. I mean you know how everyone says the same things and sounds the same on stage, well he does that too only you feel like he really means it.
One more day to go, Happy Memorial Day everyone. Today is Gary Clark Jr, Katie Kate, Don't Talk To The Cops, Fresh Espresso, Shabazz Palaces, Tenacious D, and Beck! Oh and apparently Deer Tick is stepping for someone who couldn't make it and it going to do a set of all covers. Yessss! Holla...

Don't forget you can check out all my pictures on the AYCE Flickr page here.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sasquatch Day Two: One Lost Debit Card, Two Lost Credit Cards

If it wasn't for some great music so far, this weekend could go straight to hell without passing GO and without collecting $200. Oh and speaking of $200 that is exactly the amount of cash I had on me yesterday when I realized that I lost my debit and credit cards...FML. Thank god I saw some good music and had a few cold ones after I realized they were gone.
We started off the day at Bigfoot Stage to see a band called Reptar based out of Athens, Georgia. Their Facebook describes their music genre as "disco dust" and they were interesting to say the least. The one particular song that sticks out is "Houseboat Babies". Next up on the Bigfoot Stage was Portland based STRFKR, an electro indie pop band. I was actually quite impressed with these dudes. Each member rotated through the instruments from keyboards to guitars to drum and drum machines. This skinny little bastards can play their ass off.

After a short, short stint at Blitzen Trapper it was off to the Maine Stage (NW Hip-Hop Stage) to catch Fatal Lucciauno. Whew, that boy, along with DJ SWERVEWON, did his thing though. They brought the whole crowd up on stage and then went down with the crow. One thing I can say about Fatal, he never half-asses a show...and today wasn't any different. He even ended the show with one of his usual acapella freeverse/freestyles.
Freshly returned from Europe, Grynch hit the Maine Stage directly after Fatal. I only stayed for a couple of songs because I had to get out to see some other stuff but I have no doubt that he rocked it well.
I grabbed my buddies and we headed to the Yeti Stage for their introduction to THEESatisfaction. I was looking for some way to describe them to my buddies but couldn't find something that totally described ever facet of their music until I read their website. THEESatisfaction describes their music as "funk-psychedelic feminista sci-fi epics with the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday morning soul, frosted with icy raps that evoke equal parts Elaine Brown, Ursula Rucker and Q-Tip" and I would 100% agree. These ladies put on such a great show. Needless to say, my buddies are now fans. 
The lasting impression of the day was AraabMuzik. The hip-hop/trance/eletro-house beat maker came to the Banana Shack with MPC in hand. Dudes hands move at like a million miles an hour. I can't make you understand, I can only hope to show you here and here.
This was about the time that I realized that my cards were missing. I won't bore you with the remainder of the details but it involved a lot of walking, a lot of talking to people at the lost and found, a little cussing, and a whole lot of beer drinking. Oh yeah, then I went and saw Jack White. It was cool but, not my thing. I just kept thing how he reminded me of this guy and this guy.
The Roots closed out Day 2 on the Bigfoot Stage. Who doesn't want to see The Roots, they are so dope. They opened with "Paul Revere" as a tribute to The Beastie Boys's recently deceased member MCA. It was fucking awesome. They then continued to play for almost 2 hours straight. They impress me every time I see them and they never get old...
All right, it's time for me to run, got a few things to see today. Fly Moon Royalty, Spac3man, Dyme Def, Deer Tick, Little Dragon, and Chitty Bang on the schedule. Peace.

PS: Oh and you can check out all my photos from this weekend at the AYCE Flickr page. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sasquatch Day One: Worst. Drive. Ever.

I got nothin, missed the whole day thanks to my need for sleep after working all night. The drive from Seattle to The Gorge is only a 2 hr drive...usually...not yesterday. I was in the car for 9 hours yesterday before finally getting parked in my campsite. Nine HOURS. I met up with a buddy from high school for a couple of beers. On my walk back to the campsite I happened upon the Red Bull Mobile DJ that was basically throwing a rave in the campground. If that's how the weekend is gonna start it's going to be an interesting weekend.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clear Soul Forces - Stick Em (Video)

Those dude from Detroit, Clear Soul Forces, went and dropped a video for "Stick Em" off Detroit Revolution(s). The video is dope. I felt like I knew what was about to happen just from the intro, was exactly what I was hoping for. It could have only been better if they would have incorporated Noveliss's Deadpool costume from ComicCon...jussayin.

Oh shit, I almost forgot. Go check out their new website HERE...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dyme Def - Let It Be (Video)

One of my favorite cuts from 2007's Space Music, "Let It Be", finally got some visuals. It's a bit misleading though. It's more of a Fearce Vil joint than a Dyme Def joint...I mean he's the only dude spittin on it. The video was shot and directed by The Note. It's dope, check it out...

PS: If you're gonna be at Sasquatch this coming weekend you can catch Dyme Def Sunday on the Maine Stage. Lookin forward to this shit!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sasquatch 2012

We're coming up on a week away from the 2012 Sasquatch Music Festival held annually at The Gorge in central Washington and it has the makings of being a good one. With a lineup that includes the likes of Jack White, Bon Iver, Beck, The Shins, The Roots, Santigold, Shabazz Palaces, AraabMuzik, Gary Clark Jr. AND the addition of a NW Hip-Hop stage the possibilities are nearly endless. The addition of The Maine Stage will allow some of the best hip-hop acts from the NW to showcase their talents to a larger crowd. I have no doubt that it will be dope.
NW hip-hop aside, cause really it's a given that I will be camped at that stage, I am really looking forward to seeing Gary Clark Jr. (among many others) after hearing his recent collaboration with Nas on the theme song for the 2012 NFL Draft and listening to his "Bright Lights EP" (which you can cop here). Needless to say I have my schedule all filled out and ready to go. Check out the trailer video they put together or hit the website above for more Sasquatch info...

Oh and congrats to all the NW hip-hop artists invited to's gonna be a hellava show.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Errythang Gang - On My Way

Brain alluded that some new shit was on the way a couple weeks ago when we watched Sugar Shane (WHOOO, that boy good) get smacked before the Mayweather fight. Now here it is, albeit a couple days late. Another joint from Errythang Gang, a collab between Brainstorm and Young Gizzle. "On My Way" features another slap by Brain. Watch out kids, with some of the heat I heard coming out of dudes computer that night...well let's just say you'll be happy to hear it.

Frankly speaking...

First of all I owe a huge apology to my dude Frank Ramz, he sent me an advance copy of his new project Quite Frankly which dropped April 30th. I have been bumpin it for nearly 2 months and completely spaced on puttin up. I mean I have been riding with Frank since the MyspAYCE days...and just spaced. Y'all remember those days? My bad, Ramzy. Quite Frankly is his most complete project to date. With singles like "Zone Out", "Gold Mine", "Brief Intermission 2.0" and the Blue Sky Black Death produced joints "S.A.D." and "Still Thinking Sober" your bound to find something to satiate your ears. Check it out.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fuck Prof.

Yeah I said it. I have seen this dude five damn times live on stage, and it is always flawless. From ridiculing a fan for handing him a Lemon Drop (that’s a fruity girl drink, in case you didn’t know), to completely controlling the mood and tone of his show with a perfectly balanced set-list, he can do no wrong. That’s why I say Fuck Prof, and I mean that as a compliment. Since I became a fan of the self-dubbed “Kaiser Von Powderhorn” (yes, he reps his ‘hood), I have felt like his tracks addressing topics of a more serious nature have been overlooked. As usual, I was fucking right. This shit, right here? “Myself” is my favorite track off the album, and I was excited to hear he was dropping a video for it. Check it out, and please take the time to read Prof’s description, since he’s the fucking expert, not me. By the way, you can get his music right HERE, for FREE. So stop being a dick-face and listen to it. Then, next time he is in your town, buy a ticket and some merch and support REAL Hip Hop.