Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Imaginarium of Dr. Madchild.

Just to make you all aware, MadChild (of Swollen Members) is insane. I know this from personal experience, as does Benny. He is also one of my all-time favorite MC’s. Take a look at the backstory of the interview and show from a couple years ago. It seems counter-intuitive that a person would actually be MORE crazy after they quit drugs, but well…………..there’s this:

Huh, that face tattoo is new.

Just try and keep up with this dude. He has been performing and recording like the world is at it’s end. Too bad he is not currently allowed in the United States due to his “affiliation” with the Hell’s Angels. Thank you, Homeland Security, for keeping our borders safe. The last thing we need are terrorists masquerading as Hip Hop artists in our midst.

Yeah. What he said.

The last 2 Swollen Members albums, “Daggermouth” and “Monsters II” are definitely worth checking out, with a return to the old S&M sound and feel. Complete with MadChild and Prevail’s back-and-forth lyrical insanity, Rob The Viking’s signature meticulous cuts and production, and features by Strong Arm Steady and Souls of Mischief. Click on over the the S&M and MadChild websites and get caught up. Oh, and if the Misguided Angel ever asks you for cocaine or opiates…..kindly refuse.

Aaaaawww, what the hell….watch this video too:

I told you….


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