Monday, February 13, 2012

....and you say Salt Lake City...

For those that don't know, that's a KRS-One reference. Learn something.

It's been a couple years since a tall, wiry, baby-faced local rapper handed a Sharpied CD (Ed's Note: did BrainSlice just make up an adjective?) of his music to my lil' brother in a Salt Lake City parking lot. The CD eventually somehow made its way to Florida. I listened, and liked what I heard. The Brother of BrainSlice was then given the task of finding the phone number of the rapper named Pat Maine. Since then I've moved to Utah and seen the homie perform live, along with his partner-in-rhyme PigPen. (Ed's Note: did he just say there are rappers in fuckin' Utah?!)

That's right, in fuckin' Utah. You know what else? These two white-boys are lyricists. As I listen to this album I find myself focusing more on the lyrics than the production, but I have no problem with that. After all, the homies have long careers ahead of them, and they're road-warriors. It seems like they never stop touring and they always put it down live. The track "Psyche" featuring Homeboy Sandman and "Old Hands" featuring SLC local Amber Lees are notable, and overall I'm feelin' it. So quit being a douche and check out the album HERE. It's 8 dollars, you cheap bastard. And you better go see them rap when they come through your town. Peace.

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