Friday, January 6, 2012

Say it ain't so Joe...

Well not Joe, Joe...what I really meant was Luck-One. After dropping a video for Farewell Luck announced via Twitter, if you didn't get it from the video, that this may be his last year in the "game". Damn, like Barry Sanders in his prime.... By the way, I really hate rap referred to as "the game".  I hate it even more that I just used "the game" reference, but oh well. Luck has become one of my favorite from the NW over the past year with the release of his albums "True Theory" and "King Of The Northwest". The dude from Portland can really spit and from what I hear is a real good dude as well. The song is dope and the video is simple and to the point. Check it out below, and as always, hope over to the bandcamp and check out the other goodies.

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