Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I pooped myself...figuratively not literally

Wait, what? Where the fuck? Why the hell does my leg hurt? Apparently Fireball, Miller High Life, Bud Light and Red Stripe when combined in the bloodstream does not end up well. It seems to make you do awful, dumb stupid things like hit on fat chicks and cane your buddies in the back of the knee with a drumstick like he was Lloyd fucking Christmas. Seriously, I am still dealing with the pain.
What, might you ask, is the cause of all this fuckery? The circumstances surrounding these events can be directly linked to to the arrival of two people: 1) the infamous Brainslice and 2) the whiskey fueled entity known as Prof to the 206. These two being cooped up in separate airports for a day, while those of us here were pounded by Snopocalypse 2112, and then driving that morning from Portland only added fuel to the fire.
I was outside bullshittin with Brainslice for the first couple openers, I mean the dude got off an airplane into a car, drove to Seattle got out of the car and into another car to go to the show. We had some catchin up and drinkin to do so by the time Prof it the stage...it was on. The energy he and DJ Fundo bring to the stage is crazy and had people bouncin and actin a fool. Prof soon spazzed and tongue wagged his way into hearts of the crowd...and then broke it with songs like "Myself" and "Karma". The blues infused "Whiskey" brought the show back to a happy medium.  Before finally blowing the roof off with , "Animal", and "Yeah Buddy". Man I tell you, seein Prof was long overdue. I know Catch was PISSED that he didn't get to hear "Anomaly"...boofuckinghoo. Despite all the bullshit that it took to get to the show, the beating that I took during and after the show, and the hangover I had to endure the next morning...it was all worth it! So much so that Brainslice and I decided to head to Mill Creek the next night and catch the show again. I'm definitely glad I did, thanks to Mike (Prof's manager) for getting us on the list. The venue was nice, but the vibe was a bit off ..by "off" I mean I couldn't tell if the people were there for the show, the club, or to sit in the booths at the back and have dinner. No worries though, Grieves, Prof, and Mike provided some great entertainment.  These guys separate are funny, put them together...gold. I mean, check out the Stophouse You Tube channel and Prof's twitter beef with John Stamos and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. I will say though that when Prof hit the stage things got turn up with much the same playlist as the night before.

Check out a couple videos from the Mill Creek show...Brainslice, Catch and I were too drunk to get any in Seattle. First is "Myself" and the second is "Yeah Buddy".

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