Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clear Soul Forces - Bubble Space

This past summer I had the opportunity to attend the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and if you read our little spot on the innanets then you may remember me making mention of a group of gentlemen from Detroit that competed in the Show And Prove Super Bowl at BHF. Clear Soul Forces, comprised of Wimpy, J-Roc, E-Fav, and Ilajade, have been hard in the lab working on their debut album "Detroit Revolution(S)" now with a release date of March 13. In the mean time, they will be dropping a few leaks just to keep us thirsting for more...and not that kind of "thirst" either (way hetero). The first is a Dibia$e produced joint, Bubble Space. You can hit up their bandcamp and check out some of their older stuff..."Clear Soul Radio" still gets much play.

Back in October the guys dropped a video for Strangers In The Night, again, as a prelude to #REVO. Check it out below. You can also hit them on Twitter or Facebook for more info. Peace.

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