Friday, September 16, 2011

Jekyll and Hyde video kickstarter...

Arguably one of my favorite discoveries of the past year, and one of the most played albums on the ol' iPod, is Theoretics. Their debut album, in my humble opinion is incredible. You can read what I thought about it here. Mark, Chimaroke, Birch, Cameron, Arthur, Ben, and Adam teamed up with Garrett Gibbons to shoot the video for their first single Higher. The video turned out dope and they're looking to do it again, but on a grander scale this time and they would like to enlist your help. These fine gentlemen have started a Kickstarter campaign (a la Macklemore and Blue Scholars) to attempt to raise funds to shoot the video which will again be written and directed by Mr. Gibbons. Check out what the homey Mark Hoy, MC/vocalist, had to say about it:

This will not be a music video, not as people know music videos, especially as our region is concerned...This will be a work of art. Much like how we craft our songs and perform them live, with great care and consideration from an artistic perspective. I dont know if that is a viable 'sell point' to our audiences in trying to procure funds for making the video, but it is definitely one of the standout elements that WILL make it popular after people see it.
One of my hopes for the outcome of this video is to help set the Theoretics project apart from its regional hip hop brethren and affiliates... in the sense that it would help distinguish it as a different breed. Less concerned with following footsteps or appeal and more concerned with blessing people with music/videos/performances that reflect a much more refined artsy and well thought out approach to the genre.
That is some pretty deep shit right there, and I can dig it. Apparently the dudes are going overboard with costumes, sets, sci-fi visual effects, and "anachronistic period elements" to bring this thing to fruition. The theatrics of it remind me of another video that happened to be written and directed by Mr. Gibbons for Victor Shade (aka RA Scion)...Soothsayer. I, personally, am curious and would like to see this video made. So here is the low down, there are two ways you can support to the cause. First is hit up their Kickstarter page and donate there. The second, and the one that I personally recommend, is to attend their FREE/no cover (that's right I said FREE bitches) Kickstarter Fundraising Party/Performance at The Triple Door on September 23rd. There will be a laptop set up and open to their Kickstarter page where you can donate right there on site...not to mention have a few drinks, enjoy some great music, AND see Jekyll and Hyde performed live. If you're lucky you might even get a shot or two of Fireball! Now here is the part where you dig into that wallet and support great it...DO IT. Peace.

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