Friday, September 2, 2011

Giving You Mo’…

Two posts in one day??  Oh, SHIT!  Must be a special occasion…and it is!  Whenever a member of the extended AYCE fam blesses us with some newness, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t share.  Enter Mayhem.  You might remember a little joint called Early May 2 that we helped spread to the masses awhile back…no?  The fuck you doing??  Download that shit right now, and then get ready for another heapin’ helpin’ of dope shit, ‘cause Mr. May just dropped the next installment: Early May 3: Mo’ Retro
Jam-packed with all the rapid-fire, lyrical-lasers you could ask for, Mo’ Retro is another mixtape-mixture of new content and new takes on classic beats, and it’s definitely worth the easy motion of a mouse click.  Seriously, don’t be lazy.  Really looking forward to the release of May’s first LP, A Beautiful Mind, but this will definitely hold me over until that time. 
mayhem-Early May 3 Mo Retro (Front Cover)
Mayhem – Early May 3: Mo’ Retro

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