Tuesday, September 20, 2011

State Of The Artist - High In The Air feat. Sol

Man I have been really impressed with some of the stuff SOTA has been doin lately. This one ain't bad either. "High In The Air" features Sol and production by Ski Team. This will serve as the first "leak" from their next project Slopes which will be entirely produced by the aforementioned Ski Team. Check it out...

SK - Raw (Prod. by BeanOne)

Must be time over at SnL to get some SK out there...this is the second joint that they've dropped with him recently. The first is here. "Raw" is a nice little gem over an incredible BeanOne beat.

Dyme Def - Dizzy Izzy video

Those guys Dyme Def (@DymeDef) have gone and done it again...literally. They went out and shot another video using an iPhone 4 this time. Remember way back when they did this...well like I said they did it again for their new single "Dizzy Izzy". Check it out:

Oh, and don't forget to hit the link here to get the single...

Monday, September 19, 2011

It’s in the Stars…

We’re apparently only weeks away from the much-anticipated release of John Crown’s Coffee and Beats…that’s right, just a few sleeps and wake-ups away!  Until then, Tha Deacon is tiding us over with a new video for a classic JC joint.  I’ll let him explain:

I put this track on a mixtape before I knew John, because I thought it was dope. I didn't honestly even know he was from Tacoma, or lived there. He heard the mixtape at a mutual friends' house, and my buddy got us in touch. Nothing too big... did I think it'd turn into this a year and a half later? Absolutely not. I believe things happen for a reason, and this is a song that still resonates with me, which is why I wanted to shoot a video for it. Not sure if everybody will pick up the style of the video, but where we have so many talented videographers locally doing all kinds of dope videos, I attempted to pay homage to my youth.

Love the song, love the story…peep:

John Crown – Shoot for the Stars

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jekyll and Hyde video kickstarter...

Arguably one of my favorite discoveries of the past year, and one of the most played albums on the ol' iPod, is Theoretics. Their debut album, in my humble opinion is incredible. You can read what I thought about it here. Mark, Chimaroke, Birch, Cameron, Arthur, Ben, and Adam teamed up with Garrett Gibbons to shoot the video for their first single Higher. The video turned out dope and they're looking to do it again, but on a grander scale this time and they would like to enlist your help. These fine gentlemen have started a Kickstarter campaign (a la Macklemore and Blue Scholars) to attempt to raise funds to shoot the video which will again be written and directed by Mr. Gibbons. Check out what the homey Mark Hoy, MC/vocalist, had to say about it:

This will not be a music video, not as people know music videos, especially as our region is concerned...This will be a work of art. Much like how we craft our songs and perform them live, with great care and consideration from an artistic perspective. I dont know if that is a viable 'sell point' to our audiences in trying to procure funds for making the video, but it is definitely one of the standout elements that WILL make it popular after people see it.
One of my hopes for the outcome of this video is to help set the Theoretics project apart from its regional hip hop brethren and affiliates... in the sense that it would help distinguish it as a different breed. Less concerned with following footsteps or appeal and more concerned with blessing people with music/videos/performances that reflect a much more refined artsy and well thought out approach to the genre.
That is some pretty deep shit right there, and I can dig it. Apparently the dudes are going overboard with costumes, sets, sci-fi visual effects, and "anachronistic period elements" to bring this thing to fruition. The theatrics of it remind me of another video that happened to be written and directed by Mr. Gibbons for Victor Shade (aka RA Scion)...Soothsayer. I, personally, am curious and would like to see this video made. So here is the low down, there are two ways you can support to the cause. First is hit up their Kickstarter page and donate there. The second, and the one that I personally recommend, is to attend their FREE/no cover (that's right I said FREE bitches) Kickstarter Fundraising Party/Performance at The Triple Door on September 23rd. There will be a laptop set up and open to their Kickstarter page where you can donate right there on site...not to mention have a few drinks, enjoy some great music, AND see Jekyll and Hyde performed live. If you're lucky you might even get a shot or two of Fireball! Now here is the part where you dig into that wallet and support great music...do it...DO IT. Peace.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seems like a good week for videos....

After premiering the Larue video last week, I found a couple others had dropped some as well that I thought I would share with you. The first is a nice little video from The Good Sin for "Bad About You" a joint off his most recent Late EP.

The second is a dope little animated joint from The Physics. The video is for "Delusions of Grandeur" from their dope new release Love Is A Business. This joint also features the very talented Mario and Malice Sweet on vocals.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Uncle BrainSlice recommends....

Yeah. I'm old enough to be your uncle. In fact I'm probably old enough to be your pops. I'm also old enough to know what your girl needs more than you do, SON. That's beside the point though, the point is....you need to get some Metermaids all up in your ear. Let's take score: Sage Francis, Buck 65, M. Stine, DJ mahfuckin' Rob Swift, 9th Wonder. RoofTop Shake is the album. Go get it.

Scroobius Pip "Let 'Em Come" featuring P.O.S and Sage Francis

Tattooed girls behaving badly? I'm in.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It Has Risen…(Pause)

Well, after a lot more time, money, called-in favors, vodka sodas, calories, Fireball, children, and miles of wear and tear than any of us expected (did he say “children?”), we finally wrapped up work on the long-awaited video for LaRue’s “Rise Up”.  Let me just tell you, it was worth every last dime, every hangover, every extra pound…maybe not that last one – anyway, the end result is something we’re pretty proud of – biased or not.  Without further ado, peep:

So many people to thank for all of their help on this AYCE/rumbl. media production, but you all know who you are.  If not, there’s a reason we didn’t thank you.  Dick.

Friday, September 2, 2011

“Rise” to the Occasion…


HurricaneLaRueActually, I’m just getting amped for a little shindig happening one week from today:  The Hurricane LaRue release party on September 9th at Chop Suey.  Not only am I really looking forward to the musical return from Florida of Seattle’s own Saturn Rising MC, but it will also be the debut of a little diddy we done did for Mr. LaRue

You see, I sit here behind the comfy confines of my keyboard, and pass judgment on all of the “Official Music Video”s that come across the inbox (just ‘cause it’s a video don’t make it official…jus’ sayin’).  Can’t help it, fam, it’s kinda my day job.  But, I joined forces with my dude Rich Phelps, and we actually put our money where our mouths are; next Friday’s show will also be the debut of the “Official Music Video” for LaRue’s “Rise Up". 

So, not only should everyone come out to support the release of Hurricane LaRue, you should also come do some judging of your own.  It’s cool…I deserve it.  But until then, you’ll only be able to look disapprovingly upon the promo - peep:

Giving You Mo’…

Two posts in one day??  Oh, SHIT!  Must be a special occasion…and it is!  Whenever a member of the extended AYCE fam blesses us with some newness, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t share.  Enter Mayhem.  You might remember a little joint called Early May 2 that we helped spread to the masses awhile back…no?  The fuck you doing??  Download that shit right now, and then get ready for another heapin’ helpin’ of dope shit, ‘cause Mr. May just dropped the next installment: Early May 3: Mo’ Retro
Jam-packed with all the rapid-fire, lyrical-lasers you could ask for, Mo’ Retro is another mixtape-mixture of new content and new takes on classic beats, and it’s definitely worth the easy motion of a mouse click.  Seriously, don’t be lazy.  Really looking forward to the release of May’s first LP, A Beautiful Mind, but this will definitely hold me over until that time. 
mayhem-Early May 3 Mo Retro (Front Cover)
Mayhem – Early May 3: Mo’ Retro

Waiting for the Crown…

Man…time to blow the dust off this here blog!  Got this in the inbox a few days ago (or maybe a week, if you wanna be a dick about it), but finally have a chance to post it up: the man, the myth, the soon-to-be legend, John Crown is getting ever closer to dropping the long-awaited Coffee and Beats!  That’s right, Tacoma’s top consumer of Black and Milds is apparently almost finished, as alluded to by the “Fall 2011” title slate at the end of this dope lil’ promo, peep:

Of course, the good Deacon blessed us with even more reminders of why we’re so anxious for JC’s joint to drop, including a filthy track with City Hall (Todd Sykes and EvergreenOne)…don’t sleep!

City Hall + John Crown - "Trouble on My Mind"

John Crown - In the Morning (live)

John Crown, EvergreenOne, Gazmo, Fice - Posse on Broadway remix (live from Top of Tacoma bar)