Thursday, June 30, 2011

Givin’ You “The Goods”

What up y’all? Things been a little quiet around these parts lately (muhfuckas been a little busy, aight??), but got a good one to share today…literally. Our partners from the Bean sent through this video for Revalation’s latest single, the title track from the upcoming The Goods EP. It’s definitely a nice cut, featuring AYCE-fav Mayhem, and produced by Tha Silent Partner (Waasawki in the buildin’!)…peep:

Go ahead and show some love by hitting up iTunes for the single.  In the meantime, can you Boston folk stop bogarting all the got damn championships??  Leave some for the rest of us…dicks.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Dynamic Duo.

Panacea’s next album cover? Design by Catch.


Check out the homies on Twitter: Raw Poetic, K-Murdock. Dudes are always busy, whether it's together as Panacea, or on their multiple side projects. We just thought we would help speed the release of their next Panacea album by providing this DOPE Album cover art. Free of're welcome K!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Helluvastate - Brain Champagne (Video)

Little late getting around to this one too, my bad. MembersOnly and Cloudnice representers Thadwick Tristen Trevor III and Swan Coltrane (AKA TH and TaySean of State of the Artist and Helladope respectively) dropped a video for their joint, "Brain Champagne" off their Adventures in Helluvastate album. The video also features their, uh hum, chauffer JarvDee and is directed by MR. Stephan Gray check out his other videos here.

THADWICK TRISTEN TREVOR lll & SWAN COLTRANE - "Brain Champagne" (Official Music Video) from Stephan Gray on Vimeo.

Khingz - Sea City (Video)

Not quite sure how I missed this but Khingz dropped a video for "Sea City" off is Khake and Khool-Aid EP and it's kinda dope. Everytime I see dude I seem to be wearing this Tacoma Rainers fitted and he always compliments me on he got the dope one on in this video.

Sea City from Dume41 on Vimeo.