Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OK, OK, I can admit...

that at times I can be quick to judge. I will be the first to admit though that State Of the Artist's first album, "Seattlecalifragilisticextrahelladopeness", was not one of my favorite albums. Not really sure what it is about it...granted I have grown from hating it to tolerating it when it rotates through the iPod. I will say this, their new tracks are dope...starting with the first single I Think I Love You and continuing through todays release Alive featuring the always beautiful Shaprece.  SOTA are in the lab prepping for the May 10th release of their next EP. Here is what they had to say...and hit the link below for Alive.
After delivering a guest filled debut album, SOTA took to the lab, kept the production in house via Parker and is excited to deliver a new sound to their fans.  
After releasing “I Think I Love You,” an edgy nightlife anthem and the EP’s first single, they veer toward a more serious subject expressing what it means to be “Alive.”
Featuring hard hitting drums, a stellar piano refrain and a hook sung to perfection by Shaprece all three emcees in the group Parker, TH and Hypen8d deliver thought provoking bars that shed some insight into the mind state of an artist, and what it takes to be one: “Sometimes this life will break your soul, but you’ve got a heart of gold, and they know...” Stay tuned for the 7-track EP’s May release in-full.
There you have it kids, straight from the mouth..."Altered States" dropping May 10th.

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