Friday, April 8, 2011

Brainstorm - The Celestine Prophecy (Album)

Whenever a member of a group takes it upon them self to release a solo project I always feel a little apprehension, a sort of "if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it" vibe. On the other hand I understand the need/want to express yourself outside of said group. This is the same feeling that I had way back when Brainstorm (of Dyme Def) announced that he was working on a solo project. Fast forward, what seems like an eternity, to the present and the release of The Celestine Prophecy.
Wearing the cap of producer and emcee I had no doubt that Brain could pick out some slappers to go in on, and with production by Soleternity, Trox, Rob Bates, Kuddie Fresh, and himself he does just that. I guess my question was whether Brain could carry a track, let alone an album, by himself? How would Brain fare without his partners SEV and Fearce Vil in the fold or a beat from BeanOne? The answer can be found within TCP.
The Celestine Prophecy begins with ShadowBoxing, a joint that he dropped a video for a while back, and sets the album off in the right direction. ShadowBoxing opens with a melancholy piano solo and static that sounds like it's straight from the needle skipping across vinyl. These are just a small diversion for what is about to ensue. Brainstorm attacks the Soleternity beat from his usual braggadocio persona and aggressiveness that we seldom hear,  claiming at one point "come and get mopped, mollywhopped by one of the greatest...". This seems to be the theme on a few tracks from TCP including on the Trox produced Fuck With Me stating "if you wanna get ingnant, in an instant brotha, my fists Marvin Gaye. You and your jaw can turn into some Distant Lovers" and again on Out My Face with it's "fuck out my face bitch" chorus.
Come Down, featuring Eighty 4 Fly, starts off as what would appear to be a "weed anthem", I mean every rapper/artist/album seems to have one these days. Lest you be fooled by Eighty 4 Fly's chorus singing of "blowing weed by the pound" this track is more about not falling from the achieved success. How can you possibly not like a track that quotes Charles Barkley...that would be "turrible"?
It's at this point in the album that Brain loses me...I was expecting more heaters and Brain threw a curve. US Open, featuring Lace Cadence, and Love's Revenge, featuring Dice and J.Pinder, are good songs but the fit in this particular project really didn't work for me. I mean, he had me feelin all broad chested and wanting to ass punch someone and then switched it up.
The Celestine Prophecy closes with Fly Away. This song, for me, is a close second to ShadowBoxing as my favorite from TCP. I dig the sample, really dig it. I feel like this is "classic" Brainstorm...lyrics, delivery, along with a slapper from Trox. Definitely a good way to close the album.
All in all TCP is a solid first solo effort from this Dyme Def representer and 206 spitter. I do feel that I was left wanting more...tracks. It's always a tough thing with these EP/albums, I'm really just getting into it and then it's over. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't want to hear the songs that were left off The Celestine Prophecy.

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