Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Inbox,

I realize that it has been a while and I am sorry for neglecting you. Just know that I would rather be with you than anything/anyone else. It's just that I have other, slightly more important, things that occupy my time. It doesn't help that I am amazed each and every time we're together with the wealth of information and you bring to me. So for now, let's cherish the little time that we have now and move forward.

The first things you brought to my attention are from the young homey Mike Classic. If you remember we had a few tracks and a mixtape a while back. He sent us some new tracks a week or two ago, hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a new project from him soon. For now though, we'll go with the two new tracks, Drop Bombs and The Gift.

The next little gift you brought me was from that dude from the BX, Frank Ramz. Frank is prepping the release of his newest project "Quite Frankly" and dropped off Fresh Everyday for our listening enjoyment. Though the track didn't quite make the cut, it is still pretty nice. 

New music from The Physics....ummm...yes please. The Physics are also prepping for a new release, "Digital Wildlife, coming early this summer. Fix You, is a different yet dope mix of vocals (by Kelsey Bulkin) and beats that we have come to expect from Monk, Thig Nat, and Justo.

You have surprised me yet again, Inbox, with your profound knowledge of artists that are dropping new project soon. Portland wordsmith Luck One would be another one of those artists. If you remember we enjoyed his "True Theory Outtakes" a while back. We even got to enjoy a video for the track More from said mixtape.

This time though Luck One dropped off a new track from his full length project "True Theory". Sounds Of My City is a lyrical monster for us to enjoy together.

Imagine that Inbox, before we could even get finished listening and talking about Luck One he dropped off another video. I tell you, the video game runs deep up here in the NW. Monotheism (feat. Braille, and Gen. Erik) is their attempt at explaining the "commonality of faith based spiritual practices". Anyway, let's check it out. 

We have never really vibed with YC The Cynic, you and I, until his recently released project "Fall FWD The Mixtape" which dropped last week. So we thought we would share it with everyone else.

Epsilon remember they dropped that Audacity joint a few months ago that we liked so much. Well turns out they too are preparing another album. "OXygen" features production from Exile, Kev Brown, and Oddisee. The album is set to drop in May so they were kind enough to send through the first single My Sunshine produced by Kev Brown.

State Of The Artist (SOTA) dropped a new joint at well. This one came through a few weeks ago and it just took us a little bit of time to get to it. Oh, and guess what...they are getting ready to drop an EP as well. So keep you're eyes out for that one too.

There you have it my sweet Inbox, we were able to spend some time together and get a few things off our chest and out of the way. Let's not let it be so long before we hang again. Thanks for always being there when I needed you.

Love Alway,

Benny <3

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