Monday, January 31, 2011

Cloud Nice is making moves...

I told you earlier about Tay Sean teaming up with TH to form Helluvastate for a project, now check out the latest release from Badassyellowboyz (BYAB) of Cloud Nice. Jarv Dee, Nacho Picasso, and P Steez...the are gearing up to drop their mixtape, "Ziploc Hip-Hop", on February 15th. For now check out the new single, Fastlane.

January is National Video Month...

I have seen and posted more videos in the past month...videos are the new "leaking" songs. Check out a couple of videos from EvergreenOne and Todd Sykes, know collectively as City Hall. The first, La La La La, is a track that will be featured on Casey Carter's forthcoming mixtape. The second is for the track We Are. The duo are doing some nice things right now. We had a chance to see them live and chop it up a little a while back...good dudes. Check out the videos and download below, hit their bandcamp for more goodness.

Not quite Pay Day...

but them dudes Dyme Def dropped a little SEV, RestStopVerse, freeverse video in anticipation of tomorrow's latest drop for their PayDay series peep it...

Helluvastate - Fresha Adventure video

Check out the video from Thadwick Tristan Trevor III (aka TH of State of the Artist) and Swan Coltrane (aka Tay Sean of Helladope/Cloud Nice). The two are collaborating on an upcoming mixtape, Adventures in Helluvastate. They dropped a joint last week, Make Moves, from the mixtape and you can get it below. The video is an acapella version of another joint from the mixtape. Enjoy.

Fresha Adventure Acapella from NICE DREAMS on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Speaking of Dyme Def...

here goes another joint, On My Job (Produced by Marcus D), from that dude Brainstorm that will not be featured on his solo project "The Celestine Prophecy" droppin February 15th (hopefully).

Dyme Def - Hardcore & 2Step

The first and second installment of the Dyme Def "Pay Day" series where the badbrothaaas will be releasing a new joint every two weeks. First it was 2Step and this weeks Hardcore. Props to the homey Brainstrom for finally shooting these through. Enjoy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Macklemore - My Oh My (Video)

Mack is definitely on top of his game right now...he and Ryan Lewis are killin it. Check out the tribute song and video to a Mariners legend, Dave Niehaus. *Goosebumps*...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Natural Truth - Blue and Green (video)

Blue and Green is a little remix of Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow for the hometown Seahawks The Natural Truth. We got da Bears this weekend baby...then it's on to the NFC Championship!

J.Pinder - All That Fire (Video)

Pinder dropped the official video for his track All That Fire (produced by JakeOne) off his "Code Red 2.0" at midnight on 1/11/11...I would have waited until 11:11. It's nice though and directed by Seattle's Sam Lachow. Peep.

"Code Red 2.0" available on iTunes 01/25...