Monday, December 20, 2010

Let’s Get Faded…

Hola amigos, what’s good?  I hope Benny don’t mind me posting on his blog, but… LOL.  Anyways, I got Faded_2introduced to Triple J a couple months ago, and definitely liked what I was hearing.  When I got hit with a note about his newest project, an eight-week, eight-song extravaganza, titled Tequilla Mockingbird, I was eagerly anticipating the first chapter (as they’re calling it).  You might have already seen this one out there on the innanets, as I’m slow posting this one – Santa been busy trying to make some ends, you know? – but if not, here’s what you’re missing: 

Produced by Langesta (who also throws a guest verse), “Faded” fittingly samples “I’m Back For More” by Leo’s Sunshipp (which you mighta heard on that Johnson&Jonson “Wow” joint).  It’s a sample that lends itself well to this upbeat party joint. 

With shades of Quik’s “Tonite,” Triple J takes us with him on a Friday night bender.  It’s a far turn from the hungry, almost inspirational, tone of Of Mics and Men, but sometimes you gotta take a break from the grind, no?   Anyway, move your mouse down to the link below and download the first part of Tequilla Mockingbird – you don’t wanna be the one saying “wha happen?” when the second chapter drops do you?

Triple J – Faded (Prod. by Langesta)

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BrainSlice said...

I have no idea wha happened.