Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LaRue - I Can Only Be Me (2006)

This past weekend the homey LaRue joined the AYCE crew at Qwest Field for the Seahawks dismantling of the Panthers...must be our good luck charm. We got to chatting about his music, and music in general, and his freshman album "I Can Only Be Me" released in 2006. The album is produced by Rising Son, one of Seattle's finest, and is dope. One joint in particular that sticks out is I'm A Soldier...NOT this kind either. It's a straight from the heart and mind of a person, a soldier, serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The honesty in the track is why I think this track sticks out to me. Anyway, my dude hooked us up with a copy and gave us the freedom to post away. Hit the link below and hit up the guy on twitter and let him know what you think. Peace.


JoeyMC said...

This was a cool tape when it came out. I caught him opening for Cage and Mr. Lif at Chop Suey, had no idea who he was, and he won the crowd over. There was a decent line at the table for CDs and t-shirts and I got mine, rocked the City of Dreams Ent shirt til I grew out of my "XL tee on an S frame" phase

h-i, p-h, o-p certified hiphop

catch91 said...

Now you rock clubbin' shirts? Extra-shmedium? Hahaha!