Thursday, November 25, 2010

We want the funk...

Looks like Christmas done came early this year! Super OG DJ/emcee/producer Vitamin D let loose of another one of his famous mixtapes. If y'all can't get down to a mix of '70s  and '80s funk and R&B mixed on vinyl and recorded to one hour long MP3 then y'all just need to get the funk out...ya dig. This right here is artistry at it's finest, blended and mixed to perfection all for our listening enjoyment. Peep more on the tall homie right here. I'll include a couple other gems from Vitamin D that y'all may not be hip to. First is "The Born Day EP" that he recorded at The Pharmacy on his birfday and released as a FreEP the second, "Table Manners 2" is another hour long mix from 1999. I could listen to "Table Manners" on repeat all day. The man has been doin it big for a long time, so do yourself and your ears a favor and give it a listen. Peace.

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