Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shortman Score & Frank Ramz - No Fly Zone

Some of you may not know but those of us here in Washington don't believe in the term "No Fly Zone" but we'll take exception this time. The homie Frank Ramz dropped his new project "No Fly Zone" and this time he brought a long one of his dudes Shortman Score. You might remember them from their Down In The BX video that dropped a few months ago. This might be Ramz most complete project yet...and Shortman Score is no slouch either.  Another One has that hard hittin bassline that is sure to have your trunk rattlin or, in most cases, your stock speakers distorting. Don't worry my Bose system handled it just fine! The Finale showcases the lyrical ability of both artists. Frank Ramz is now on to "Quite Frankly" and Shortman Score assured me that he has some more coming soon as well. Hit the link below to download or head over to Pigeons & Planes and pick it up there...either way you win.

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