Sunday, November 21, 2010

AYCE Presents: All You Can Tweet

Time for a new feature, fam.  I don’t know about you, but there is no better break from my daily monotony than a quick trip to the ol’ Twitter feed.  Thing is, there just aren’t enough shitbreaks in the day to catch up on all the goings-on in the Twitterverse; chances are extremely high that I missed some absolute hilarity coming from Gary J Busey yesterday, that Kanye found yet another way to piss off yet another group of people after lunch, or some up and coming rapper from God-knows-where released the second-coming of Ready to Die…OK, maybe not on that last one.

Point is, while we all probably follow eavesdrop on many of the same cats (or maybe not), I thought we’d start keeping track of the best tweets from our timelines, and start sharing with the thirteen of you that care.  I like to call it “All You Can Tweet,” for no other reason than I already made the graphic, and I’m too lazy to make a new one (besides, “Between the Tweets” woulda required an emphatic “PAUSE” every time we wrote it). 

Enjoy this week’s selections after the break.  Or don’t.  I don’t give  a twit.


donwill donwill i have an idea forming that is so utterly ridiculous there is NO way im not going to attempt to make it happen. its fucking GENIUS! about 13 hours ago via TweetDeck
Ummm…OK.  Do tell!  No, seriously, whatchutalkinbout Donwillis??  See, this is one of the things that pisses me off about 140 characters...always left hangin'.
    Billy the Fridge billythefridge I hear Four Loko is coming out with two new flavors: Tobacco and Racism. about 23 hours ago via web
    Did you know that the Devil could piss in flavors?  Yeah, it’s called Four Loko. 
    Tek of Smif N Wessun TekSmokeeLah  Fuck didn't even hear my damn phone ring cuz tht nigga Paul Williams was snoring onda mat so hard&loud frum tht right hand inda 2round! 8:44 PM Nov 20th via web
    I literally L O L’d at this one…never mind that it was a left.  That punch…WOW!
    Ed Lover MrEdLover 1 bowl of baboon saliva, 1 cup of Ciroc redberry and 2 pinches of Amber Rose booty sweat! #fourlokoingredients 5:48 PM Nov 20th via web
    Seriously…Devils. Piss. 
    john crown JOHNCROWNTHEMC I bet girls who work at cinnabon get hit on all the time after work cause they smell delicious 10:54 AM Nov 20th via Twitter for Android
    Butterscotch, yo.
    Mandela P! SeanMandela i got the sharpest lyrics and toenails in the business. hands down! 2:14 PM Nov 20th via web
    Sean P says some of the funniest shit on the daily.  The above?  Not the best, but I had to make sure he was included.  Need more proof?  See below:
    Dru Ha druha This call was to figure out who knew more about Jewish heritage me or @AlanTheChemist RT @SeanMandela: druha gimme a call my Anglo 5:22 AM Nov 20th via TweetDeck
    Dru Ha druha & also my advice on if he should eat a 2nd weed brownie cause the 1st wasn't kicing in yet. RT @SeanMandela: @druha gimme a call my Anglo 5:24 AM Nov 20th via TweetDeck
    Peter W. Mirabella COPYWRITE the snuggie. how'd we let that happen? 7:33 PM Nov 19th via web
    Or Justin Bieber, for that matter.
    propaganda prophiphop @Vursatyl ummmmm am I the only one that's SUPER GEEKED to hear you're writing raps?! Nope! But even if I was... Whatever! Spit it vurs!!! 7:12 PM Nov 19th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Vursatyl
    If you don’t know Vursatyl…I feel sorry for your mother.
    JonHope JonHope and now ....I. MUST. CLEAN. THE. BATHTUB. 6:26 PM Nov 19th via web
    Hyphen DJHyphen You ain't got no Kanyeeyore in your Serato?!?!?! 12:33 PM Nov 19th via Twitter for iPhone
    I imagine Hov as Pooh.
    Aziz Ansari azizansari UPDATE: FUCKKKKK!!!! DANIEL DAY LEWIS!!?!!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? #DidntGethePartofAbeLincolninSpielbergsLincoln 11:46 AM Nov 19th via web
    If you can’t imagine Aziz saying the above, it won’t seem as funny.  And you’re gay.
    hexmurda hexmurda DMX gets his jail ON. 11:41 AM Nov 19th via ÜberTwitter
    *sniffles* where my dogs at?
    Phonte phontigallo Been really unmotivated lately. This is the point in my life's movie where a Black gospel singer moans in the background. 4:51 AM Nov 19th via Twitter for BlackBerry®
    …and Phonte looks off into the middle-distance.
    And there you have it folks.  Hope to make this a semi-regular thing here, but I don’t want to set any expectations.  It’s better that way. 
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