Tuesday, November 30, 2010

John Crown - Be's That Way

The homeyboy John Crown (@JOHNCROWNTHEMC) dropped the first single from his "Coffee and Beats Mixtape". Mike Weed on the production for this one. This beat goes HOARD...and Mr. Crown knows what to do with it. Too bad he took his shitty luck to Qwest Field Sunday. You are directly to blame my friend...well you and Catch. Props to Tha Deacon for the hook up at his spot!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ahhh snow in the 206...

has become synonymous with a new Blue Scholars (@BlueScholars) video. Some of you might remember this video from a couple years ago shot and dropped while the city was damn near shut down. Sabzi also did another video with RA Scion (Common Market) during the same winter storm...a sequel of sorts. Fast forward to 2010 and Blue Scholars have done it again with Coffee and Snow 2. Check it out below...and Happy Thanksgiving.

*DEAD at sittin on the shitter reading whilst shooting a music video*

We want the funk...

Looks like Christmas done came early this year! Super OG DJ/emcee/producer Vitamin D let loose of another one of his famous mixtapes. If y'all can't get down to a mix of '70s  and '80s funk and R&B mixed on vinyl and recorded to one hour long MP3 then y'all just need to get the funk out...ya dig. This right here is artistry at it's finest, blended and mixed to perfection all for our listening enjoyment. Peep more on the tall homie right here. I'll include a couple other gems from Vitamin D that y'all may not be hip to. First is "The Born Day EP" that he recorded at The Pharmacy on his birfday and released as a FreEP the second, "Table Manners 2" is another hour long mix from 1999. I could listen to "Table Manners" on repeat all day. The man has been doin it big for a long time, so do yourself and your ears a favor and give it a listen. Peace.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Go F*ck and/or Bl*g Yourself.

After all, they ARE both 4-letter words. For just a couple minutes I need ALL you A.D.D.-havin’ motherfuckers (and by all, I mean the 2 people that will read this) to follow me like I’m fucking Lady Gaga. No, not like I’m literally FUCKING Lady Gaga (gives new meaning to “PokerFace” doesn’t it?). alg_lady_gaga Gross. Just pay attention like I’m Lady Gaga on Twitter. I’m givin’ ya pearls here.

I like 4-letter words, like hell, fuck, shit, cunt, damn, and oprah; but I have grown to hate the word “bl*g”.

Recently the wife was sitting in front of her laptop chuckling to herself. I peeked over her shoulder to make sure she wasn’t looking at midget-porn again. She wasn’t. It was much worse. It was a fucking bl*g. She has been following it for a while now, and I’m pretty sure every other married woman with an internet connection in America does as well. I will not mention it by name, so as not to start a “bl*g-beef” with the author. I’m pretty sure she would crush me with either her rapist wit, or her shiny new IPad complete with Juicy Couture case.

My point is that bl*gs are horseshit. Yes, including Hip-Hop bl*gs (not all of them, just some). Motive is the key here. Have you ever watched a “reality” TV show? Shame on you then. It’s pretty obvious that EVERYONE acts differently in front of a camera (when they are aware that a camera is present), except for taser victims. So, when someone that writes on a blog sits down with their fucking herbal tea, after jerking off to “Glee”


(again, gross), why do they write what they write? Because someone is reading it and will comment and be like, all, “I wish I could be you or be inside you, or maybe you could be inside me”, or maybe because they need a paycheck, or maybe they think they are smart and people actually give a shit about what they have to say. I really can’t analyze that too much, because I don’t read bl*gs very often.

Just stop being fake. Stop making shit in your life happen so it will be interesting to write about on your bl*g. Stop writing reviews because you are getting paid. Stop flip-flopping on your opinion based on what other people think. Stop putting ads on your bl*g for money. I'm gonna finish getting drunk and break some more of my shitty Ikea furniture. Peace.

P.S. I love Hip Hop.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mr. Gray drops another gem…

If you haven’t seen a video from AYCE’s favorite local director, you’re not paying attention.  Steve Gray (before he became big-time, and went all Stephan on us) just released his latest effort, and it’s just what we’ve come to expect: ILL.  I didn’t know that Tilson (of Saturday Knights fame) was an official member of Head Like a Kite, but I’m certainly not complaining.  Plus, I don’t really know shit about shit, so… Anyway, peep:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

AYCE Presents: All You Can Tweet

Time for a new feature, fam.  I don’t know about you, but there is no better break from my daily monotony than a quick trip to the ol’ Twitter feed.  Thing is, there just aren’t enough shitbreaks in the day to catch up on all the goings-on in the Twitterverse; chances are extremely high that I missed some absolute hilarity coming from Gary J Busey yesterday, that Kanye found yet another way to piss off yet another group of people after lunch, or some up and coming rapper from God-knows-where released the second-coming of Ready to Die…OK, maybe not on that last one.

Point is, while we all probably follow eavesdrop on many of the same cats (or maybe not), I thought we’d start keeping track of the best tweets from our timelines, and start sharing with the thirteen of you that care.  I like to call it “All You Can Tweet,” for no other reason than I already made the graphic, and I’m too lazy to make a new one (besides, “Between the Tweets” woulda required an emphatic “PAUSE” every time we wrote it). 

Enjoy this week’s selections after the break.  Or don’t.  I don’t give  a twit.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

e.d.g.e. - The 29th Year EP

Thanks to the homie Jeff Spec and the people at Refined Hype for sending through e.d.g.e.'s new EP "The 29th Year". I've only heard a couple of tracks, but so far so good. 

No need to feed my ego...it's good enough already.

That dude Sol dropped his new single Feed My Ego and it's pretty nice. Check out what the man himself  had to say about...umm...himself.
“Feed My Ego!” Seattle hip-hop artist Sol proclaims in his latest single, a satire about self-admiration in hip-hop. Perhaps ’s his surprise #1 ranking above the likes of Kanye West, Kings of Leon, & Deadmau5 on the popular music site Hype Machine last month has already gotten to Sol's head...I mean damn, he's even writing this press release in the 3rd person!
So people, holler at Sol on the Twitter and continue to feed his ego.

Shortman Score & Frank Ramz - No Fly Zone

Some of you may not know but those of us here in Washington don't believe in the term "No Fly Zone" but we'll take exception this time. The homie Frank Ramz dropped his new project "No Fly Zone" and this time he brought a long one of his dudes Shortman Score. You might remember them from their Down In The BX video that dropped a few months ago. This might be Ramz most complete project yet...and Shortman Score is no slouch either.  Another One has that hard hittin bassline that is sure to have your trunk rattlin or, in most cases, your stock speakers distorting. Don't worry my Bose system handled it just fine! The Finale showcases the lyrical ability of both artists. Frank Ramz is now on to "Quite Frankly" and Shortman Score assured me that he has some more coming soon as well. Hit the link below to download or head over to Pigeons & Planes and pick it up there...either way you win.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Soliloquy of K-Os

Hi. My name is BrainSlice, and I.....well.....SUCK. The K-Os "Anchorman" Mixtape has been in my Inbox since AUGUST. I have been a little distracted, but a wise man once said to me: "Any excuse, no matter how valid, weakens your character and lowers your self-esteem."

So here I sit with no excuses, just an apology for not getting the word out and giving K-Os some well-deserved praise. I am blown away by his music every time. Ron Burgundy says it best: "Now if you don't think this song is the greatest song ever, I will fight you....that's no lie."

Click on this thing, right HERE. That is called a "link", and if you click it, it takes you somewhere else on da innanets. This special place is for special people like you to get the mixtape, because you are special. Enjoy. Or don't. Why are you reading this? If you don't go get the FREE mixtape, then you are another type of "special" person that I like to call a F*CKING IDIOT. Get off the blog, idiot.