Thursday, October 14, 2010

What up..what up?

Well fuck, after a miserable weekend at the Blackjack tables in sunny Las Vegas I'm back to this shit hole...well not necessarily THIS one but you get the picture. Shit, at least I'm not this guy...she's hot though I don't blame him. I want to send her pictures of my.... Anyway back to the items at hand, I got a few things I want to get out of the inbox. YAY, free gifts, next thing you know I'll be bustin open the fire hydrant so we can all play in the street!!

First up is a track from Hi Life Soundsystem that the Members Only crew sent through, Death Of The Party ...(damn, AKA BrainSlice).  Hi Life Soundsystem features Khingz (of Abyssinian Creole) and B Flat (of Godspeed). This track is dope...I told them that it reminds me of why I liked that N*E*R*D song. Check it out and...wait for it...prepare yourselves for the album to drop before the end of the year as a FREE digital release. 

Speaking of party, the dudes from MO know how to party too...check out their website for all they got goin on. Check out the flyer below:

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