Sunday, October 10, 2010

Decade of DECADEnse.

No. We are not talking about Motley Crue. Please take your mullet elsewhere sir.
As you probably know, we like to do things a lil’ different ‘round here (just ask our friendly neighborhood c-box cluckers!) So, when the man, the myth, the K-Murdah gave us a sneak preview of his “new” effort, we knew we had to come correct. I mean, you can’t just take something so long in the making, and give it the standard “this song is good, I like the beat” review…naw, we had to do something to reflect the creativity of DECADEnse.
In case you didn’t know, K-Murdock decided to drop one cut he’s produced from each of the last ten years, beginning in 2000. And in case you didn’t realize, that’s ten tracks, from the last ten orbits around the sun, being released on the tenth day of the tenth month of the year of our Lord 20… yep, 10. Apparently, Mr. Murdock has an obsession with the number following nine, but preceding 11. (Got a dimebag homie? I got five on it!)
So, in the spirit of the title, we decided to appreciate this compilation of K-Murdock’s art in our own way. After all, K isn’t the only one who’s had a crazy last ten years. His may have been just a little more successful, but that’s neither here nor there…no need to be a dick about it (Insert your preferred LOL, LMFAO, ROFL, etc. here). Anyway, let us reflect on the general goings-on of the last decade, while we indulge in a little DECADEnse.

1 - Zap Mama (2000)
Catch: Like Elian Gonzalez, Kyle Murdock and Panacea came out of the closet burst onto the scene at the turn of the century, but it wasn’t the Raw Poetic/K-Murdock Panacea you’re accustomed to. Seeing that the ORIGINAL Panacea (comprised of Dialekt, The Gray Kid, Deus, DJ Marshall Law and K) was responsible for “Zap Mama” had me nervous of what to expect…kinda like old people and Y2K (believe me, they were scared as fuck – I worked at a bank back then…/shudders). But, I shoulda known better, kind of like Eldrick (who just so happened to win 3 straight Majors that year…stay away from stripper pussy Teegray). K murdered this beat. Simple, sample-driven with the Zapp and Roger talk-box sound…bottom-line: ill. Love the feel of the three different MCs too; they all have a unique delivery, and punchlines for days – plus, K put ‘em on the track with RZA-like precision. Gray Kid may have tried too hard to fit his lyrics to the beat, instead of vice-versa, but it’s hard to argue with lines like: “I will end your career / like a coke habit did Dexter Manley’s / Make you less desirable than you already were / like UPN did Brandy.” And then there’s Deus: he said….wait, did he say “with lethal blows like AIDS chicks”? Rewind. Play. Listen. Yep, he said it. Wow! Is there a re-union joint in our future Mr. Murdock??
(RIP Big Pun)
2- Lingo (2001)
Benny: Ahh, 2001, what an up and down year. I graduated from college and moved to Seattle in 2001. Feelin’ almost as funky as the beat on this track, I was set to take on the world. When that first day of orientation came around, I was ready. Wouldn't you know, my first day...FIRST FUCKING DAY...September 11, 2001. You know how people talk about days they will never forget (JFK assassination, landing on the moon, etc.)? Well this would be that day for my generation. But I digress...this soulful track, featuring Wes Felton and "Radio" Raheem DeVaughn (before he added the "Radio"), sounds like something from Brown Sugar...ahh but before it's time, as Brown Sugar hadn't been released yet. Anyway, it’s smooth like Thomas Edward "Tom" Brady Jr.'s Super Bowl MVP performance. If only the lovely Aaliyah wouldn't have taken that trip to the Bahamas, maybe she could have lent her voice to this track!
3 – Love With U (2002)
BrainSlice: AIDS chicks, AIDS chicks. Hahaha…oh shit, it’s my turn. Hmmmm….OK. I guess this makes sense. Here Benny and Catch are, having a nice lil’ back-and-forth, and I come along and make everything…awkward. You know why I’m THAT asshole? The Winter Olympics came to Utah, and I didn’t give a flying f*ck. Also, Whoopi Goldberg hosted the Academy Awards, and I once again did not give a flying f*ck. While I can appreciate K-Murdock’s skills putting this track together, I just have to say this is not my thing. To illustrate this, I present a hypothetical scenario: Ready for some action, I light the candles and put on this track. In walks the wife, looking fine as hell in her lingerie. She then hears this song playing and explodes in hysterical laughter, thinking I must be joking. She knows me that well. That said, I’m sure somebody out there is getting their f*ck on to this, right now. Hopefully it’s not Ted Danson and Whoopi. Sorry fellas, I guess I’m still upset over the loss of a true legend that year. R.I.P. Jam Master Jay.
4 - Makin' Me (2003)
Catch: And the lovin’ feelin’ continues with this one. Despite the start (and “end”) of the Iraqi war (x3), the beginning of the already way-too-long political career of the Governator, and the death of Mr. Rogers, K was still letting the affection flow through the neighborhood. Sick like SARS, this beat feels much more like the K-Murdock of today: melding different strings into one free-flowing, harmonious head-nodder. Once again, Wes Felton lends his considerable talents to this track, with a laidback ode to his potential first, last and everything (RIP Barry White). For 3:42, your floating along, enjoying the perfect mix of beats and lyrics, and then BAM…it’s over - sort of like Laurence Fishburne’s big-screen career after the rest of the Matrix trilogy dropped, (way before Montana would drop…her drawers, for the entire world to see)…seriously, did anyone even watch Biker Boyz?
5 - Campaign '04 (2004)
Benny: I dig that at times this beat sounds like a superhero theme song that probably would have made Christopher Reeves fly again. If it’s lyricism you want, lyricism you will get: I couldn't tell which one's which or who's who but these dudes from the crew got it on lock. These dudes spit stupid steroid flows that are crazy as Ron Artest when he ran into the crowd and socked that guy. Peep:
- “Rappers is full of shit like a large intestine.”
- “Cats couldn't move weight if you was Fat Joe running track.”
- “Rain brown like a stain on a pair of white thongs.”
I mean these dudes got more punch(line)s than Jeremy Sivits.
6 – Between The Lines (2005)
BrainSlice: What happened in ‘05? This. I’m feelin’ this one right out the gate, but who the fuck is “Mista Maliq”? I ain’t no private detective, so I just called K-Murdock and asked. Turns out homeboy is from Capetown, South Africa. Listen close and you’ll hear rhymes about real shit Maliq has seen around him every day (“I sip the blood of my brothers with every Coke can”). I’m willing to bet that “real shit” in South Africa is a little more “real” than whatever your ass is dealing with in the suburbs (yes, I’m talking to you, the one with the tight pants and white-rimmed sunglasses...hang your head in shame). Maliq laid these verses down (in one take) for K-Murdock while they were both attending the much sought-after Red Bull Music Academy (which happened to be in our very own 206 that year). This was a dark time in the life of K-Murdahbeats. He developed a serious Taurine addiction while kickin’ it with the likes of Vitamin D and Jake One, and hiding from the pasty-white people of Seattle – who he must’ve thought were zombies. They were just hippies K, it’s an easy mistake…after all, patchouli does smell a lot like rotting flesh.
7 - Starlite Neosonic Remix (2006)
Catch: Some things just shouldn’t be revisited – I’m lookin’ at you Rocky Balboa – but on rare occasions, an original can even be improved. Now, that’s not the case with Big Momma’s House 2 (who knew they even made that shit!), but definitely the case with this song. I should tell you: I really liked the original “Starlite.” A lot. It was perfect for an ADD muhfucka like me: fast beat, fast rap… and just like that, I’m out. But the remix really changed the whole feel – not just the speed – and made it seem like something completely different…and I like it. K-Murdock and Raw Poetic just go together so well; I know it’s obvious (like saying Dilla (RIP) was a dope producer), but sometimes you still feel the need to say it. So I did.
8- Playing My Role (2007)
Benny: I gotta say Doc knows how to pick collabs. Northwest wordsmith Braille delivers consciousness and family rap like he was Marion Jones giving back her medals. Sounds like he's a better father and husband than Chris Benoit anyway...then again who isn't (ed’s note: or wasn’t, as the case may be). Braille feels his way up, over, and around this K-Murdock beat as if he had a white cane.
9 – The Beatdown (2008)
BrainSlice: “What we have here, is a failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach”. Paul Newman aka Cool Hand Luke died. That should mean something to you. Act like you know. Also, the name Random aka MegaRan should mean something to you. Act like you know. Both artists were a fan of the other before the some supreme cosmic force brought K-Murdock and Ran together. These dudes are much bigger than any one sub-genre *cough* nerd-core *cough* that would like to claim them. “The Beatdown” is a perfect blend of K’s flowing, ethereal production, and Random’s heartfelt, slice-of-life lyrics. I’m looking forward to hearing more projects from this Dynamic Duo. Oh, and by the way, this dude named Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the U.S. I think. Just listen to the track please. We can talk about health care and the onset of National Socialism later. (ed's note: stop it.)
10 – As The Wheel Turns: Remix (2009)
BrainSlice: Last year everyone was living in fear of pigs (where’s Ice-T when you need him? Oh, that’s right, he’s playing a cop on TV). ‘09 was a rough year for me personally, but this song makes it all fade away. Possibly my favorite track off DECADEnse. Do you feel that? It’s K-Murdock methodically melding the talents of Raw Poetic, Nicolay, Kay, and … wow … the amazing voice of Emilie Bogrand (who I am now in love with) into an instant classic. Just go to BANDCAMP and preview it. Then put your damn money on the table and buy the album. Click HERE.
K-Murdock, bitches

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