Friday, September 3, 2010

Here’s Your “Wake Up” Call…

So, I can’t lie: the theme of today is slept-on.  These cats hit us up a couple weeks ago…thrice!  I took a quick look at the first mail, but unfortunately, I didn’t come back to it.  Nothin’ personal, just got lost in the great shuffle that is the AYCE inbox.  Thankfully, the fine folks at USM didn’t give up on us, ‘cause I’m diggin’ this one.  The crew is called Progress Report, and the video is “Wake Up.”  Peep:
Really feelin’ that funk beat in the background!!  Eddie Logix, it’s a good thing you make fire, ‘cause a future in acting probably ain’t in the cards homie. LOL!! 
Just downloaded a free mixtape from these cats here, how about you…ahem…wake up and join me?

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