Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beats, Rhymes, and…cigarette lighters?

Sometimes I hate our inbox.  Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate/need people to send us shit, otherwise we’d have to actually get off our asses (figuratively speaking) and search for the good stuff that regularly finds its way into our AYCEmail.  Unfortunately, volume gets high, and things get pushed down rather quickly.  Because of that, I’m a whole DAY late finding this new Emerald City gem.  (Fuck you, scrolling…I hate you.)

Never mind that the song is dope – I’m clapping three times Geo – the story behind it, courtesy Sabzi, is equally as awesome.  It’s a little too long for me to post it all, and I can’t do it justice by stealing just a portion of it, so just go here and read the whole thing.  You’ll never feel the same about the auto industry…ever.  Oh, and the photography is nice too. 

You can get the song (and an a cappella version for the budding producer in you) by submitting your email at the bottom of their post, or grab it here:  Blue Scholars – Lumière.  Go!

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