Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almost Next Top Modelish...

It is a life long debate that I have heard posed in many forms: "Gimme your top 5 rappers", "Who do you think are the top ten rappers of all time?, "Top 10 GOAT list", etc. I heard a new one the other day while surfin around on the Twitter, "Who are your Top 3 rappers other than Em, Pac, Big, Hov, or Rakim?", and it got me thinkin about it. Thanks to Logics AKA Young Ghangas for posing the question. Man...the next 3, how could you narrow it down. I mean there are some obvious exclusions...sorry Soulja Boy, Yung Berg, and everyone from Da Band, but turn in your grills and chains at the door NOW please...wait, does Yung Berg even have a chain anymore?

Herein lies the problem...there are so many to choose from, and there were some good ones on the tweets that he received. Do you narrow it down by longevity, album sales, crossover ability, the artists overall body of work, or East Coast vs West Coast? Shit, there are any number of ways to narrow it down, but what it comes down to is YOUR opinion...what you prefer to listen to. For me, that list changes all the time. I mean, damn, I OWN physical copies of damn near every Too Short album...but I wouldn't put him in my Top Ten. I could name 10-20 other deserving emcees...Nas, KRS, Pharoahe Monch, LL, Andre 3000, Big Pun, Cube, Scarface, Bun B, and Mos Def to name a few. Now what if you flip it and say groups/duos can be included too...De La, Tribe, Wu-Tang, Outkast, Freestyle Fellowship, Beastie Boys, P.U.T.S, Black Star, Gang Starr, UGK, and Boogie Down.

With much respect to the above artists, including others that have slipped my mind right now, and without further ado here is my "Top 3 rappers other than Em, Pac, Big, Hov, or Rakim".

Hit the cut to check it out...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BOOMZZILLA - Vibratones (Video)

Not necessarily in the "hip-hop" realm but it's dope and the homie Stephen Gray directed and edited it so it gets play. Peep the video below for BOOMZZILLA's Vibratones.

Macklemore Craigslist giveaway...

This could quite possibly be one of the funniest and coolest things that I have seen in a while. The show in Bellingham at Western Washington University was sold out and people were trying to get tickets off Craigslist. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis found some of the posts...hilarity ensues. Macklemore is that dude. Hit him up here and let him know you saw this...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brainstorm - Eli's Song (Clap It Up For Me)

My guy Brain sent this through a couple days ago and I'm just now gettin to a computer to put it up...oh well. Good thought behind this one:
This song is for my son (Eli) who will be here nov.6th...its right around the corner so I figured now is a good as time as any to put this out and let it be known that another brainstorm is being born into this world to terrorize music for another generation.
Congratulations homie...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where the hell you goin Spac3?

My guy Spac3man (@Spac3man) told me about this little video he was working on to help spread the word before he ventures out on some tour dates. He told me of the idea of shooting it with his uncles and people that kick it on his front porch and mess with him from time to time as he leaves the house. The video is for the Intro 40 (produced by Just Blaze) track off his "Greetings Earthlings" mixtape. I think it turned out kinda dope, check it out. Peace.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where will you be when your "Saturn Returns"?

Understanding the definition/description leads one to comprehend what is truly meant by the title of Seattle emcee LaRue's recent LP..."Saturn Returns':
It is believed by astrologers that as Saturn "returns" to the degree in which it occupied at the time of birth—approximately every 29.5 years—a person crosses over a major threshold and into the next stage of life. With the first Saturn Return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood. With the second Return, maturity. And the third and usually final Return, a person enters wise old age.
After an 8 year stint in the Army, with one deployment overseas to fight in Iraqi Freedom, LaRue returned stateside and made, in my opinion, his best decision musically by teaming with up and coming Seattle producers Rising Son and Marcus D. With the release of his "LaRue Or The Streets" Mixtape in November 2009, LaRue reintroduced himself to the Seattle hip-hop scene with a rare mix of reality street life without the gangsta aspect. Fast forward to August 2010 and LaRue's Saturn has returned.

"Saturn Returns" displays the growth that one would expect from a mixtape to an album, the unexpected aspect is the amount of maturity that he demonstrates. LaRue is a gifted lyricist that paints a picture with his words. The Saturn Returns Intro begins our journey as LaRue spits "my Saturn is comin/at last it returns/it all makes sense through my passionate words...I transform from adolescence to the next stage". LaRue bobs and weaves his way like Floyd Mayweather Jr, intricately dancing through beats until it's time to attack. Back To The Old Me, Midnight Mirage, and Rise Up are evidence of such savvy.

Not Like Me is his ode to minding your comparisons and setting himself apart from others. The chorus reminds us that "you are not like me" as he voices the struggles that set him apart..."Jump boots, M-16 and Gore-Tex/dropped off somewhere near the devils doorstep/kevlar vest/don't know what to expect/what's gonna happen next/hemet drippin sweat/it's a 116/I'm battlin sick dreams/seein my family cryin at a funeral/it's me".

Rising Son.jpg marcusd.jpg
Rising Son and Marcus D blessed this album with some blue-ribbon slappers that are otherworldly (pun kinda intended). I told you earlier these two cats are up and comers, but I guess it's more like arrived. Rising Son is definitely on the come up, having recently become the 2010 Red Bull Big Tune Seattle Champion and producing this track for Xzibit.  Marcus D, 2009 Red Bull Big Tune Seattle Champion, recently released his second album "Marcus D andSubstantial are Bop Alloy" and the shit is bananas. No disrespect to Rising Son, but my favorite/most played track from "Saturn Returns" is a Marcus D production. Mr. International is different from any other tracks on the album, it's playful and lighthearted but again showcases LaRue's mastery of storytelling...not to mention Marcus D flipped this sample nicely.

"Saturn Returns" is constantly atop the "recently played" list on the iPod and provides a great listen from start to finish. I suggest you get to CD Baby or iTunes, whichever is your preferred provider, and download it now before I send Brainslice to your house to put you in one of these.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh to be TwentySomething again...

That's right, as much as I act like I'm 15 doesn't mean that I am...WHAT? You flinched bitch...haha. Anyway, today Naledge released his latest project "Naledge is TwentySomething" today over at illRoots pop on over and pick it up....oooooorrrr you could just hit the link below. IT'S FREE MUSIC PEOPLE *Diddy voice*.

This is good music...

and if you don't like it then maybe you should tuck it between your legs and dance in front of the mirror..."it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again". Check out The Roots and John Legend doin Little Ghetto Boy. Reminded me of this for a minute. Man, when is that John Legend (backed by The Roots) album gonna drop anyway.

Once again, I apologize for Vevo...check out after the cut for another from this collection.

BLUEPRINT versus..... The Who?

Where has Blueprint been? In the fucking laboratory, that's where. Chopping up tracks from The Who and making some amazing music. If you wanna get up to speed, jump over to CWR and download his recent interview with Menace and Montana. If your ass is too lazy to do that, at least watch the video. Also, ask your fat stripper mom for $5 (I gave her $20 last night) and download the EP from his Bandcamp site. Peace.

Brainstorm (of Dyme Def) - Cupids Got A Gun (Freeverse)

Brain went to the vault and cut loose another freeverse to tide us over until "The Celestine Prophecy"...which should be coming soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Labor of love…ummm not really.

As per my usual Labor Day weekend fashion I spent my good hard earn cash and attended the Annual Seattle Music Fesital held at Seattle Center. It was a decent weekend of food, beer, and music. Have a look…
    gold pass         Grynch
   Grynch, Macklemore, and Larry Mizell
  Grynch and Sol

 Fresh Espresso 2
 Fresh Espresso 3

 Jay Electronica 1(2)  Jay Electronica (1)

Check out more after the cut...

Tru Indeed...

Some times you just gotta be 'bout it.  Rowdy 'bout it, even. #nowplaying

Just feelin' a little nostalgic y'all.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beats, Rhymes, and…cigarette lighters?

Sometimes I hate our inbox.  Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate/need people to send us shit, otherwise we’d have to actually get off our asses (figuratively speaking) and search for the good stuff that regularly finds its way into our AYCEmail.  Unfortunately, volume gets high, and things get pushed down rather quickly.  Because of that, I’m a whole DAY late finding this new Emerald City gem.  (Fuck you, scrolling…I hate you.)

Never mind that the song is dope – I’m clapping three times Geo – the story behind it, courtesy Sabzi, is equally as awesome.  It’s a little too long for me to post it all, and I can’t do it justice by stealing just a portion of it, so just go here and read the whole thing.  You’ll never feel the same about the auto industry…ever.  Oh, and the photography is nice too. 

You can get the song (and an a cappella version for the budding producer in you) by submitting your email at the bottom of their post, or grab it here:  Blue Scholars – Lumière.  Go!

Worth the Wait…

OfMicsAndMen_Cover So, a few weeks ago I sat down to write up Triple J’s latest EP, Of Mics and Men.  You read that right, a    f e w  w e e k s ago!  But a funny thing happened on the way to the internets: I realized that after a good page and half of text, I was just typing to read my own words.  I mean, those of you that follow our little outfit here (much love!) probably know that I tend to be wordy, but this time I was outta control!  So, I pushed the laptop away, and decided it was best to take five…or fifteen…whatever.

Here’s the problem, though: I really like Of Mics and Men.  It’s to the point where I feel guilty for not sharing it with y’all, and not just because their PR guy is persistent (good lookin’ out, Matthew).  You might have already heard it, or seen it on other blogs – and rightly so! – but just because I couldn’t get out of my own way on the keyboard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the chance to cop some damn fine – and free – work.

Triple_J_Sam_Adams_Show See, I was gonna tell y’all all about it.  I wrote a lot about Triple J’s passion, and how you can feel it coming through the speakers/headphones with every well-crafted line.  I was gonna tell y’all how this 18 year-old rapper from the suburbs of NYC kind of reminds me of Pharrell (the N*E*R*D frontman, not the hook-singing popstar producer); and not just because he’s also part of rock/rap group (called The Band Eclypse, who just released their first EP by the way, available here and here), but because the energy he gives off is almost palpable. 

I was gonna tell y’all how, despite his young age, J’s themes about reaching for, and achieving, dreams are TripleJ_TShirtrefreshing and believable.  (I was also gonna point out the irony in the EP name, since “Of Mice and Men” was  all about a shattered dream, but then I was gonna digress.)  I also wrote how I thought that the sky really is the limit for this guy, and that I think he has crossover appeal, without having that thing that alienates underground heads – or at least this ‘ol backpacker. 

I was gonna tell y’all all of this, only surrounded by so many words that you might not have read it.  Maybe you would have, but it might have taken you a week.  Of course, that would be better than the three weeks its taken me to get this posted…fml.  Without further adieu…no, really…cop Of Mics and Men.  Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Here’s Your “Wake Up” Call…

So, I can’t lie: the theme of today is slept-on.  These cats hit us up a couple weeks ago…thrice!  I took a quick look at the first mail, but unfortunately, I didn’t come back to it.  Nothin’ personal, just got lost in the great shuffle that is the AYCE inbox.  Thankfully, the fine folks at USM didn’t give up on us, ‘cause I’m diggin’ this one.  The crew is called Progress Report, and the video is “Wake Up.”  Peep:
Really feelin’ that funk beat in the background!!  Eddie Logix, it’s a good thing you make fire, ‘cause a future in acting probably ain’t in the cards homie. LOL!! 
Just downloaded a free mixtape from these cats here, how about you…ahem…wake up and join me?

Tony Moon - Lunar Plexus Mixtape

Tony Moon sent through his latest project, "Lunar Plexus" a few days ago and I just got around to giving it a quick listen. As with his first project, "Sacred Sounds EP", some of the tracks are really hit and miss for me. I'm definitely feelin Freedom, with it's nice soulful sound, So check the link below for the free download. Peace.

M-Dot - Be Easy featuring Torae, Chino XL, B.A.M. & Lyric Jones

I told you yesterday that the EMS crew was makin moves right now. The continue their "full court press" with the second single off M-Dot and DJ Jean Maron's album "Run MPC". Be Easy features Torae, Chino XL, B.A.M. & Lyric Jones. Go cop that "Run MPC" now on itunes and hit the link below for Be Easy.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Revalation - The Come Up feat. Phil Blount

Big Rev of EMS went to the vaults and sent through a previously unreleased track, The Come Up, featuring Phil Blount. The track was recorded last year and meant to be on a project that he was working on but it didn't really fit. If you haven't already, run don't walk and download fellow EMS crew member Mayhem's latest project as well. EMS is doin big things right now.

Scripts 'N Screwz - ON 10 video

In case y'all didn't notice, it's video week here at AYCE. Damn fam, everybody is droppin videos this week. This one from the homies Scripts 'N Screwz. ON 10 is the lead single from their sophmore album "The Hangover" due out early next year and is directed by Cody Stokes. Peep...and check out the camera tricks. Crazy.

The Physics - I Just Want A Beat Video

Dope visuals for I Just Want A Beat from a Town favorite The Physics. Now I haven't been to the library in a minute but I don't remember the ladies dressin like that to study...DAYUM. Good work gentlemen!

Shortman Score & Frank Ramz - What I Need Video

After a couple of video trailers we get the officially official video/movie short for Shortman Score and Frank Ramz What I Need. I dig the concept and the track. Check it out...*No Fly Zone* coming soon.