Monday, August 2, 2010

The Playlist of The BrainSlice, Part 2.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ve been off the grid lately. My PC is the latest casualty in the war against wack Hip Hop, so next time you crack that 40 (in Catch’s case, a peach flavored Bartles and James wine cooler), pour out a little liquor for our fallen homie.
I somehow managed to jack the wifey’s laptop while she was busy in the bathroom. Does anyone know what that buzzing vibration noise is? I hear it every time she goes in there. All I know is she comes out with a smile on her face, so whatever.
My Ipod is a real asshole sometimes, but once in a while, I get a playlist like THIS. So, fuck “What’s in Shake’s Tapedeck”, check out MY playlist:

1. Street Sweeper Social Club – Clap For The Killers

2. Blueprint – Boombox

3. De La Soul/Teenage Fanclub – Fallin’

4. Beastie Boys – B-Boy Bouillabaisse
Classic shit from Paul’s Boutique. Always on my Ipod.

5. Blue Scholars – Paul Valery
Props to Sabzi – dude took a song that annoyed the shit out of me and made it sound NICE.

6. Panacea – Immortal
One of K-Murdock and Raw Poetic’s best tracks yet.

7. Felt – Glory Burning
Epic track off an instantly classic album. The video isn’t bad either.

8. Bambu – Slow Down

9. Swollen Members/Evidence – Full Contact
The good ol’ days, when Swollen was working with Mr. Slow Flow. Still crossing my fingers that they’ll get back to their roots. Where you at Mad Child? Stay away from those pills homie!

10. Nas/Damian Marley – Strong Will Continue
One of my favorite tracks off one of the best albums of 2010……so far.

11. Atmosphere – Crewed Up
Deep track off “Strictly Leakage”. Shame on Benny, who was too drunk at the Capitol Hill Block Party to see Slug do his thing on stage.

I’m out. I got shit to do.

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Colin said...

You are also sometimes an asshole. Love Brother Ali's part on the Atmosphere track.