Sunday, August 15, 2010

Picture me rollin’…

I need a pair of locs, quick-like…and who got the keys to my six-four?  Oh wait, I don’t have an Impala…guess I don’t really have any locs, either.  What I do have, though, is a mixtape that took me right back to the glory days of Dre, Cube, the Click, the ‘Liks…man, do yourself a favor and go cop Otayo Dubb’s So Opinionated right. fucking. NOW!  Serious!  Start the dl – don’t worry, it’s free! – and then you can finish reading this while the mixtape prepares to bless your computer with its presence.  I’ll wait for you…

You good?  Coo, now that we got that out the way… here’s the description that came in the email from Beatrock Music (same label as AYCE-fav Bambu, so I was already looking forward to hearing this shit):
“This 14 track gem is rich with hard hitting original production that creates Tayo's unique melodic sound. With writing that captures the voice of the Bay Area streets and storytelling that will make you fall back in love with Hip Hop, So Opinionated gets listeners in tune with 'Tayo's unique perspective.”
Well, I don’t think I ever fell out of love with hip-hop – at worst, it’s a love/hate relationship…just depends on what I’m listening to.  I mean, if I’m stuck in a room of skinny-jean-wearing cats, listening to YG, I’m splittin’ wigs.  But, after the 628th time listening to So Opinionated, I’m definitely in the honeymoon phase of my music relationship…again!

OtayoDubb1From the drop, I was hooked; the second that bass-line dropped, my neck was moving on it’s own…couldn’t stop it.  A cymbal crash later, and here comes Otayo… sportin’ a voice reminiscent of Mack 10, and a delivery that is equal parts laid-back and punch-you-in-the-face, this cat had me trying to figure out whether I wanted to fire up a blunt, or hit the gym!  (Ummm…yeah, right.) 

Witty as fuck, but with what seems like the humility of someone still waiting to blow, it’s truly hard not to like this dude.  I love that you can truly feel the influence of the Bay Area flowing through Dubb’s veins, too.  The over-pronunciation of Mr. Flamboyant himself, the deliberate delivery of Todd Shaw, you can hear the ghosts of yester-Yay woven throughout all 14 cuts!  Actually, you really can hear Fonzarelli – he’s sampled on “Mainstream,” but I digress.

Beat-wise, fuck man…hard to put into words how much I like So Opinionated!  For real…everything from complex, string-filled cuts, (“Get Mine,” “Whataday,” and the re-visiting of the Fatback Band sample from Mos Def’s “Mathematics” on “No Doubt”) to sick-ass horns (“So Opinionated”), and 808-like, bare-boned rider-music (“Mainstream,” “Fine Tuning,” and “Cycle Love (Remix)” ); Like Prego, it’s in there!  Not to mention the well-picked and placed samples, (Mr. Jones, I know you’ll love “Can’t Stop”), and filthy guest appearances by a bunch of dudes I apparently need to know!

The only thing I feel like I missed was a collab with label-mate Bambu.  I mean, how can they not have a joint together on this mix...tape…oh wait.  So Opinionated is “only” a mixtape?!?  Can you believe that shit??  I seriously just spent all this time rockin’ and writin’ up a mixtape?  Yes… yes I did.  And it was worth every minute!  Luckily, you and I won’t have to wait too much longer for the real thing:
"Watch for O's debut solo album, slated to drop later this year on Beatrock Music."
Best believe I’ll keep my fucking eyes peeled!!  Until then, it’s time to ride!  Now, where’d I set those locs?

You still here??  Need more before you go download So Opinionated?  Damn!  Tough crowd!  Peep:

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