Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mike Bhaiya - The Universe Is Dreaming

Boston based emcee Mike Bhaiya sent through a few tracks a while back and I liked what I heard...a bit on the edge of Pop but since I flirt with all genres of music I didn't mind at all. Well, homeboy came through a couple weeks later with an advance of his new album "The Universe Is Dreaming". Admittedly, it took me awhile to get to it but I gave it a listen last night. It is definitely different than what I remembered from him...sauntering more on the line of hip-hop and pop at times.  For example, We Got It featuring Julie Bachialis is a poppy, almost made for radio joint. It begins with Bhaiya's delivery vaguely resembling another Philly bread MC from back in the day...Fresh Prince. This party joint is immediately followed up by a darker, more grimey record, 2-1-5th, that made for a bit of an awkward transition.
Some of the beats made me feel like an ADHD kid on an acid trip with multiple layers of synth and guitar riffs. One thing that you can hope with heavy beats of this nature is an emcee that will attack the mic and make his voice and lyrics heard. Mike Bhaiya definitely attacks the mic on a couple of tracks and reminds me why I listened in the first place. Even with his fierce delivery though, on the Introduction his lyrics tend to get drowned out by the heavy synth. I think my favorite track from the album is All In My Memory (Kenny's Song) featuring Julie Bachialis and IQ which is an ode to a fallen brother. The beat is nice IQ and Bhaiya complement one another nicely and Bachialis can sing her ass off. All in all, I dig Bhaiya's delivery, lyrical ability, and content...It's "aiight".

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