Saturday, June 5, 2010

Homeboy Sandman "The Good Sun" album release party...

I first mentioned Homeboy Sandman briefly here a couple weeks ago and wasn't sure what to think. At the time I had only heard a couple of tracks and stated that I would "reserve judgement". Well the judgment has been rendered, Homeboy Sandman is nice. While I was in NYC last weekend I took in Sandman's "The Good Sun" album release party at SOBs. I am glad that I did. It was the first time at SOBs (nice venue) and first real Homeboy Sandman experience.
I got there a bit late and caught the last half of Spec Boogie as he did a couple songs with Tanya Morgan. This in itself was dope, we here at AYCE like those cats. Anyway, shortly after getting my $12  drink (gotdamn) Peter Rosenberg came on stage and introduced Homeboy Sandman. Now the crowd starts doing this rhythmic clapping and, not being totally hip to Sandman, this is the start to VerbalSoulClapMania. This song is bananas (no Gwen Stefani). Here is where my frustration comes in...I took some footage of the show but the sound is all distorted and shit so I'm borrowing some footage of the show from You Tube. Peep the introduction and song in the video below...or peep here for how it was in it's original form.

After a going through some older joints and some off "The Good Sun", the night came to an end as fast as it started...or maybe it just seemed that way. Check out some more of the borrowed footage below.

When the show was over Sandman jump out in the crowd and took pictures, signed autographs, and hung out until closing time. The show was dope. Haven't heard the album yet (sorry I pawned my discman years ago) but I expect it to be the same. Go cop the album here or on iTunes. I got mines...

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