Sunday, June 27, 2010

Take a shot of the good stuff, or maybe the whole bottle.


Our friends over at SubSoniq Radio are on the move. The latest installment features new music from Big Boi, The Roots, Eternia, Rakaa Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples), J-Live, Apollo Brown, Forever Famicom (for all you gamers/nerds – sorry K, I had to say it!) , Styles P, Jadakiss, Janelle Monae, Freddie Gibbs, MF Borat (aka Doom), Kanye West, Miguel, and more!

Click on over there and check out the dope new website and let them know what you think, and stay tuned here for an introduction to the rest of the crew.

While I’m on the Podcast tip, peep this courtesy of Menace and Montana:




Broadcast on June 25th 2010


(Click PLAY to stream or Download to keep)









Show Features

On this six hour exploding triumph we have:

The RZA joins us for a rare and in-depth interview that left live listeners in awe, as The Master takes us on an intelligent journey through his beat creation, an inside analysis of how such classics as Return To The 36 Chambers and Liquid Swords were created, the REAL story behind the making of 8 Diagramz, the influence of Easy Mo Bee and Prince Paul and an exclusive narrative regarding his work on the new GZA album "Liquid Swords 2 - The Return Of The Shadowboxer". RZA even finds time to discuss modern hip hop media, his relationship with Jay Electronica and the success of such talentless nobodies as Paris Hilton. This is an essential, epic 60 minute listen for all lovers of music around the world. Pure classic.

Tech N9ne embraces the show in style, launching head on into a frank and candid discussion regarding his recent arrest in Missouri and the way in which the media and news reporters are blatantly misrepresenting the facts about the incident. We talk about the recent theft of a vital CD form his tour bus, the excellent positive work he is doing for the community and his new album The Gates Mixed Plate. He even reveals his plans to work withEminem on a future track with Brother Lynch Hung and his desire to collaborate with Psychological Records mogul, Necro when time permits.

D12's Bizarre is with us for a cautious and abrupt interview. Possibly remembering the last time he was with us,revealing news about Eminem's Recovery album, Bizarre informs us that D12's track with Eminem "Take Your Best Shot" is to feature on another album. He offers listeners a unique chance to submit beats for the new D12 album but when asked about the possibility of Slaughterhouse featuring on the new D12 album...he just leaves.

The Dogg Pound swerve into the studio to pour on us some liquid refreshment in the form of new album news, their plans for Rock The Bells 2010 and their desire to sonically bring Dogg Pound back to the classic Death Row days. Daz Dillinger is the main spokesman and Kurupt attempts to get involved but sadly passes out before really getting into his stride. DPG 4 LIfe.

Freddie Foxx (aka. Bumpy Knuckles)rarely does interviews these days, so it was a true honour to spend 30 minutes with one hip hop's most dedicated artists. We politic about radio ethics, the problems with modern rappers, the dirty mainstream media and more before venturing off into an exclusive discussion regarding his THREE completed studio albums, including one produced by DJ Premier, another produced entirely by Jesse West and his full collaborative bar-for-bar album with The Teacha KRS One.

Homeboy Sandman is with us to talk world issues, the poisons of mainstream media, the ignorance of modern society and of course his new album. We explore the decision process involved with choosing each producer and the necessity for a soundscape that reaches his own extremely high standards. As fresh and inspiring as the mans music itself. Essential.

Cyrus Malachi is one the UK's deepest rhyme writers. His recorded works of art are nothing short of instant revelation, so it was our pleasure to welcome him onto the show to discuss his new album, mixtape and the impact and ambition of No Cure Records in 2010. We talk wider issues regarding the UK hip hop scene and Mista Montana mocks Giggs openly - a true deliverance.


As Redphone Records continues to gain threatening momentum, one of their key vocal messengers, Matt Maddox, join us for an exploration of underground hip hop's leading lights including their recent signing of Viper Records affiliate NightWalker, their distribution deal with Rob Schwartz's powerhouse Whomag Distribution and much more in an interview that will inspire you.
Please spread our hard work to every person you meet!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brainstorm of Dyme Def Freeverses

In promotion of their recently released album "Sex Tape", emcee/producer Brainstorm is doing a "Sun(day) up to Sun(day) down week". A week straight of freeverses over various beats. Slip on over here to stream the entire album and then click the widget to the right to purchase the album. The first 2 tracks, Miss Me Freeverse and Lose My Mind (Fuck Ian Walsh) are zipped and linked below. Just incase any of you are wondering just WHO Ian Walsh is.... Also, The Celestine Prophecy coming soon! Update: just brought this back to the top and added Wednesday's Tryfe Freeverse.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MASH HALL & djblesOne Present: Upgrayedd

A little something new from Bruce Illest and Ronnie Voice of They Live MASH HALL and djblesOne. If you haven't heard of them yet, wake up and go back to the link and download the first album "They La Soul". The album is dope and I expect nothing less from this 4 track EP. So stop your ninny whinin and come out of pocket for this one. Shoot if you hit the link it's like getting two for the price of one! You can also pop over to their bandcamp and load up on some more goodies. By the way, MASH HALL You Tube promotion game >>> anyone else. Pop over here and cop that ish!

If you happen to be sitting around on your arse on June 25th head on over to the Columbia City grand re-opening party and check out MASH HALL, Cloud Nice (Helladope, SOTA, Mikey Nice, etc). It's FREE...if it weren't for a prior engagement (Aziz Ansari) I would definitely be there. Now why is it again that YOU won't be there?

Told you their You Tube game was on point! Don't believe me...check it out!

Copywrite - Louder

Copywrite's "T.H.E. High Exulted 8th Anniversary Edition" (with 7 bonus tracks) out now on Man Bites Dog Records and Copy's his new opus "The Life and Times of Peter Nelson" is due in the Fall of 2010. You know Copywrite always comes with it...

Fatal Lucciuano - Cry For Help

The good people over at Sportn' Life sent through a new track from Seattle emcee Fatal Lucciuano and produced by Jake One. Fatal describes Cry For Help is in response to "the negative image some local press painted of me while I was locked up a couple years ago".  He goes on to ask "that people listen to the youth when they act out, because it can be too late when when we finally realize that they're asking for help". Hit the link below for the track.

Scripts - Director's Cut Mixtape

"Director's Cut" is the solo release from Scripts (one half of Scripts N Screwz) and is released to ride the buzz/momentum created by the solo release of Loose Screwz "Satellites". The mixtape " takes its audience on a thrill ride through the harsh realities of the depths, all the way up to the pilot’s cockpit without the assistance of 3D glasses and popcorn, only an iPod!!!" and is produced by Loose Screwz.

BeanOne + Fearce Villian = YUK

It's simple mathematics people...not rocket science. You take one dope producer add one lyrical emcee and what do you get...a t-shirt company of course! BeanOne and Fearce of Dyme Def have teamed up to form YUK. To go along with the shirts, which will be sold exclusively at GOODS in Seattle, duo have put together a 4 track EP to go along with it. Peep the tees below and head over to their website or BeanOne's bandcamp to pick up the EP.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Eminem - Recovery

So as I sit here and listen once again to Em’s “Recovery” I can’t help but think about the importance of growth in music. The music must grow and evolve, which is directly related to the growth of the artist. recovery Some of this growth is beneficial and some detrimental. I mean, take Lil’ Wayne for example (I know, it kills me too) but how many people out there remember much of what he did before “The Carter”…that is positive growth. TI is another example of growth of the music and person. Now take Kanye, I love dude’s music, but he almost regressed as a person. From the “George Bush hates black people” to,  what is commonly referred to as, “The Taylor Swift incident” Kanye lost his sense of person somewhere in that ego.

Eminem was on that upward growth curve with “The Slim Shady LP”, “The Marshall Mathers LP”, and “The Eminem Show”. Though the last two albums , “Encore” and last years “Relapse”, garnered moderate success I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. In “Recovery” I feel like Em has come full circle, 360, back to the beginning. The fire is back…Slim Shady is back.

proof There are two things that I think prompted this fall and subsequent “revival”, of sorts. The death of his best friend Proof in April of 2006 had an obvious effect on Em personally and musically. Em reveals this in a couple tracks on “Recovery”, the most obvious being on the Proof dedication track You’re Never Over. On this Just Blaze produced track (with a dope sample from this) Em revisits the profound effect that Proof had on his own life. This is evident the chorus where Em croons “you may be gone but you’re never over”. RIP big Proof.

I believe another area where Marshall went wrong, other than poppin pills and various other drugs, wasjust_blaze_image relying too much on his own production and that of Dr. Dre.  Now don’t get me wrong, Dre is still in the top echelon of the production biz, and in the beginning Em wasn’t bad either, but I felt that Em pigeon-holed himself into the same old beats on his last couple albums. I was surprised when perusing the production credits for “Recovery” to find that Dre only had one song! When So Bad works it’s way down your ear canal and thumps across your ear drums you can’t help but recognize it as a Dre beat. Funny thing is, in my opinion, it’s not even the best track on the album. Em really opened up the lines of production for “Recovery” with tracks from the likes of the aforementioned Just Blaze (3) as well as Jim Jonsin (1), Boi-1da (2), DJ Khalil (4), Havoc (1), and others…there is no shortage of mind numbing bangers that will have you nodding your head.

big-ben-cereal-nom-nom-nom “Recovery” is missing 2 things…Paul Rosenberg skits and all those annoying voices/accents that Em toyed with  on “Relapse”. Good riddance. For those of you that LOVE his singing voice, don’t worry, Marshall continue so do his own hooks on most songs. I will never figure this out. You are Eminem, for the love of God, get someone to sing your hooks! On a more positive note, Em got back to the  angry, slightly misogynistic, and brutally honest lyrics that we came to expect from “Slim Shady”. Also included are the jabs at, alleged, past lovers and haters. I can’t be totally positive but I think shots were fired in Nick Cannon’s direction on Cold Wind Blows where Em spits “take a look at Mariah the next time I inspire you to write a song”. C’mon son, you think you can even compete with Em…you really “wildin out”.  My favorite song you ask? Right now, I gonna have to go with the DJ Khalil produced Almost Famous.  “I stuck my dick in this game like a rapist, they call me Slim Rothlisberger. I go berzerker than a fed up Post Office worker…” spits Em to open the track. The delivery, the anger, the beat…it’s classic Slim Shady.

Mr. Mathers has already released a video for the lead single from “Recovery” titled Not Afraid produced by Boi-1da. Video borrowed from MTV so please excuse the damn commercial.

So far probably the safest track from the album to release in video form, but trust me this will just give you a small tasted of what you can expect from a rejuvenated, rehabbed, and recovered Slim Shady. The album drops June 22nd. Definitely go and cop this one cause I’m “feelin it”!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashawn - Ode To Illmatic Mixtape

Well I know at least two people that will be happy to see this, or should myself and one other person. How can you not be looking forward to some new Fashawn, especially when it's an ode to...well you can read the title. Peace.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Wake Up Show 2010 Anthem

I was sleepin’ on this. Thanks to Menace The Messenger for reminding me to check it out.

Yeah, It’s pretty dope. Now let’s take a trip down memory lane with the 1999 Anthem:

Which one is better? That is the question. I would love to hear anyone’s opinion on this. Is Hip Hop better now than it was back then? Hit me up HERE, or just comment on this post. I expect at least Benny and Catch to comment. Does anyone actually read this blog?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Homeboy Sandman "The Good Sun" album release party...

I first mentioned Homeboy Sandman briefly here a couple weeks ago and wasn't sure what to think. At the time I had only heard a couple of tracks and stated that I would "reserve judgement". Well the judgment has been rendered, Homeboy Sandman is nice. While I was in NYC last weekend I took in Sandman's "The Good Sun" album release party at SOBs. I am glad that I did. It was the first time at SOBs (nice venue) and first real Homeboy Sandman experience.
I got there a bit late and caught the last half of Spec Boogie as he did a couple songs with Tanya Morgan. This in itself was dope, we here at AYCE like those cats. Anyway, shortly after getting my $12  drink (gotdamn) Peter Rosenberg came on stage and introduced Homeboy Sandman. Now the crowd starts doing this rhythmic clapping and, not being totally hip to Sandman, this is the start to VerbalSoulClapMania. This song is bananas (no Gwen Stefani). Here is where my frustration comes in...I took some footage of the show but the sound is all distorted and shit so I'm borrowing some footage of the show from You Tube. Peep the introduction and song in the video below...or peep here for how it was in it's original form.

After a going through some older joints and some off "The Good Sun", the night came to an end as fast as it started...or maybe it just seemed that way. Check out some more of the borrowed footage below.

When the show was over Sandman jump out in the crowd and took pictures, signed autographs, and hung out until closing time. The show was dope. Haven't heard the album yet (sorry I pawned my discman years ago) but I expect it to be the same. Go cop the album here or on iTunes. I got mines...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Frank Ramz and Shortman Score - Down In The BX Video

The homey Frank Ramz sent through his latest video for a joint he did with Shortman Score. I am diggin this song and video. I think the video turned out dope considering that it was just a couple of dudes rollin through the BX with NO budget...props to Frank and Shortman. Peep the video below and the link to the track after that!