Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Helladope Monday night...

So I was sittin around having a lazy Monday afternoon with nothing planned for the night. Mondays are usually an interesting night, pretty low key with not a lot going on usually. There was some discussion on Friday (while at the B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco show) of a Helladope show taking place at The Triple Door, which sounded interesting being that The Triple Door is known as more of a jazz, R&B/soul, cabaret venue than a hip-hop venue. I have been a fan of Helladope for a minute now, but my lady friend just recently got hip so we decided to check it out. Glad we did, it was a great show, not without moments of weirdness (for lack of a better word) but we'll come back to that.

For those of you that aren't up to speed, Helladope is made up of TaySean (beats & vocals) and Jerm (vocals). If I were to classify them, which I guess I am, I would say they are a jazzy, funky, spaced out hip-hop tandem. Their recent release "Helladope" is just that...a funked out space voyage with song titles like Cosmic Voyage, This Is My Planet, THEE Trip, and We Come In Peace.  These dudes have immense talent...from Tay on production to both as emcees and vocalists. Yeah, I said vocalist...these dudes can sing too. On Rainwater, Jerm breaks out with a soulful "Girl you're fresh like rainwater, let your love fall down on me" hook that I'm sure is enough to make more than one pair of panties moist. My favorite track, Just So You Know, which also serves as the lead single is strait dope. With features from THEESatisfaction, GMK, and the whole Cloud Nice family the fact is, front to back, beginning to end, however you want to put it...this album is a great listen. Last I checked there wasn't many places to pick it up online, but hit them up here and maybe they can work something out.

So now about the show. The show was opened by Yirim Seck who did a nice job opening (rocked the mic, kept the crowd involved, etc) right up until he was due to share the stage with LaRue...but LaRue was nowhere to be found. I minor shake up, but you could sort of tell that Yirim was a little irritated. He moved on until, LaRue finally showed up and then they could do their songs together. I gotta say, once he finally got there though, they did a nice job. LaRue is my guy, a friend of a friend, and a cool cat but how the hell are you gonna be late man!  All in all, I thought Yirim was great. It had been a while since I had seen him on stage. I think the last time was a few months ago at Nectar with Big World Breaks.

Lemme just give a little background, as I stated before, The Triple Door is/has been more of a jazz, soul/R&B venue. There are plush booths, with waiters and waitresses that come and take your food and beverage order...not your average standing room, general admission, raucous hip-hop venue.  The stage at The Triple Door is big, not huge, but bigger than most hip-hop venues like Showbox, Chop Suey, The Croc, or Nectar so two dudes and a DJ stand looked pretty small up there. So it was a bit of a different experience.

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TaySean was acting as host and performer and took the stage after a short intermission...but Jerm was nowhere to be found. After a few awkward moments (which looked like they felt like hours) on stage, Jerm arrived from the bar area. He made some reference to looking for his brother who was on his way to the venue, but who knows. Not necessarily the best look, but shit happens and you keep going. The show was live once it got going. Tay and Jerm were joined on stage throughout the set by jazz trumpeter Owuor Arunga, who was absolutely amazing, and some of the Cloud Nice family. When the music is as hype as it was, it's hard to remain in your seat and Tay and Jerm kept inviting people up to the front of the stage, shoot, they probably felt a little lonely up there. It was a little obstructive, being that our booth was in the front row, but nothing to bad. Just chalk it up to that whole "experience" thing that I mentioned earlier.  Anyway, the music was live and the night was over early. One thing someone said that I thought rang totally true: "If you're at a local hip-hop show at 7:30 on a Monday night...you ride for local hip-hop". Peep the videos below...

Little did we know that, with a full belly of hip-hop already, that our night was just getting started...check out the next post for how the rest of our night went.

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