Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Good Sin at Jet Set...

So like I said in the previous post, our night was just getting started...and yes I realize this flyer is old but I believe it still rings true! After the Helladope show we headed out to Jet Set at The Capitol Club. This is one of those "every Monday night" events that I had been to in the past, but will definitely frequent more often. My dude Brainstorm took me there one night when Fatal Lucciauno was performing...and I think it was DeVon's (of Sport'n Life) birthday or something. TaySean had mentioned it at the end of their show, so the lady and I decided to check it out.
The Capitol Club is a restaurant downstairs and a small lounge upstairs fit with all the comforts of home well the important ones anyway...couches and liquor with a few table sprinkled here and there and a nice patio. So we got some drinks and proceeded to chill and listen to DJ Swervewon on the wheels. The crowd was full of, and probably always is, the some of the notables of Seattle hip-hop...J.Moore, Vitamin D, JakeOne, Grynch, and Helladope, just to name a few. Oh and before I forget, props to Swerve on the masterful mix of old and new Wu-Tang, Raekwon, Ghost that lasted most of his whole set. That shit was filthy man.

The "special guest" of the night was local artist The Good Sin. To keep with the theme for the night dude was hella dope. Sin is not a small dude either, the damn mic looked like a pencil in his hand as he spit a few tracks from his mixtape "Ready or Not" while Vitamin D took the opportunity to throw ice at him. It was kinda funny. Vita would later say that he was basically "testing his focus"...! Sin was making his way through the crowd selling his mixtape for a steal at $5. When he finally hit our table he said to my lady friend, "Girl I saw you rockin with me...wanna get my cd?" We dug into our pockets, but both came out empty handed (who the hell carries cash anymore)...fml. Dude handed her a copy and said something like "A beautiful woman should have good music". Now I can't be completely certain that's what was said, I was more than a few drinks into the night, but it's probably pretty close. He introduced himself to us, chatted a bit, and was on his way. I'm about halfway through the tape and it's pretty good, no complaints from me. Check out the link below for his mixtape and hit him up on the twitta.

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