Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BLISS N ESO – Down By The River


We were introduced to these Aussies last fall, during a weekend of depravity and disorderly conduct in Seattle. Some adventures included, but were not limited to: public intoxication (duh) and/or urination, heckling Detroit Lions fans (not smart, they could have burned the city down), flying objects in the bar, and just having fun at other people’s expense. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feel-bads. Anyway, you can read all about that HERE.

We chilled with BLISS N ESO for a little bit after the Swollen Members show, and they were real nice dudes. They just laughed when Benny told them we got too hammered at the Seahawks game and missed their set, and they weren’t even pissed when they realized Mad Child had given their Heinekens to these two annoying Juggalo kids. It’s a long (and weird) story.

Back to the matter at hand, they just announced their 4th Studio Album: “Running On Air” coming late July. Take a listen to the first single, and stay tuned.


If you like what you hear, hit 'em up: BlissNEso.com, Twatter, fAYCEbook, or myspAYCE, whatever that is. Peace.

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