Tuesday, May 4, 2010

AYCE Starts the 12 Step Program

Hi.  My name is Aidan, and I’m a hip-hop-aholic.  I would say recovering, but I would be lying.  See, I love everything about hip-hop: beats, rhymes, art, etc…. I can’t get enough.  If I could drink it, smoke it, snort it, shoot it – whatever, I would.  It’s often the best part of my day, and I’m guessing if you’re reading our humble little page right now, you feel the same way.  So, welcome to the club! 
Don’t trip…we don’t judge here at AYCE (unless you listen to Ke$ha – in which case we hate you). Actually, we like to help foster your addiction around these parts.  Think of me, Benny and Brainslice as your sponsors…better yet, facilitators: helping guide you into a state of unadulterated hip-hop-induced euphoria.  Our drug of choice today: PanaceaPANACEA_12Step Once you start the 12 Step Program, there’s no turning back.  Just ask my man Brain…he’s been main-lining this K-Murdock-Raw Poetic concoction ever since it hit the inbox.  Luckily, we pulled him away from it long enough to make this an all-AYCE review of the latest in a long line of straight-dope this duo has dropped over the last seven-plus years.  That said, I’m crackin’ the forty, and passin’ the mic to Brain… after the break!

(Cue Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” or, more appropriately, Ice T’s “I’m Your Pusher”) . . . . . . .icet32112
*cough, cough*
Huh? Yo, you got some KRS, some Tribe or Mos? C’mon maaaan, I know you got somethin’! 
I’ll give you these cheeseburgas!
Oh shit, is this a meeting?
*coughs, clears throat*
Hi, my name is Joe, and I’m a Hip Hop-aholic. Nancy Reagan used to tell me to “just say no”, but I never listened to that bitch. I started experimenting with Hip Hop in 1985, and I have been addicted ever since. Once in a while I get a hold of some stuff that is so pure, I almost DON’T want to share it with my fellow junkies. This shit right here! Right here! Let’s just say Panacea is Nino Brown, and I’m Pooky. 12-Step Program is my favorite album so far this year. K-Murdock and Raw Poetic have definitely out-done themselves. From the familiar “Neo….sonic” sample at the beginning of “The Long Pull”, to the last word Raw Poetic spits on “Incubator Purgatory”, this record is pure, uncut dope. Where you at Benny B?
AndyFatHead :
Ay yo, Brain, Pusha T "Got It For Free"...! Unlike these other two, I do not have a problem with hip-hop, I can quit whenever I want. I just choose not to, everything is better with hip-hop at my side. Over the past year I have enjoyed some Panacea. "Corkscrew Gaps" was my introduction and Doc's (K-Murdock) "Piano-rama" further fueled my curiosity and expectations for "12-Step Program". I gotta be honest here though, when I first listened, I was a little disappointed. I mean the production was nice, and Raw Poetic is filthy...but there was just something that didn't sit right. As with some albums, unless it is totally garbage, I gave it a few more listens and have to say that it has grown on me. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it's my "favorite album out so far this year" but there is definitely some good listening to be had here. Now could someone give me a cigarette and point me to the coffee and donuts?
I think I just threw up in my mouth a lil’ bit. I get a 40 oz. in me, and someone mentions Pusha T? That’s Panacea3 all it takes. So, thanks for that Benny. Every time I listen, I change my mind about which track is my favorite. Initially I was really digging “Immortal” and “Revolution World Crazy”, then “Stumble Home”. Right at this moment, I’m loving “Black Coffee”. K-Murdock’s production (also, can’t leave out Damu the Fudgemunk) is a perfect concoction composed of a nice underlying beat, a dope piano sample, a sprinkle of scratch, and well, 100 other things. It creates a mood that can’t be described (and of course he adds the sound of the door at the end, in classic K-Murdock form). Add the lyrical genius of Raw Poetic? Get the fuck outta here! The dude is always true to his name: “Black Coffee swims in my mind, my heart it beats fast yet I don’t pass time.” Like Maxwell House, 12 Step is good to the last drop.
MeFatHead2 :
Man, fill my cup to the rim with some “Sync-in City” please! After a cool trip through the first few tracks, my high was beginning to wear off a little bit, and I was ‘bout to hit the deck. Then all of a sudden…wha, WHU?!? Oh SHIT, someone get me my rollerskates got-damnit! That double-time, dumbed-down bed (by K-Murdock’s standards, anyway) got me giggin’ like a muhfucka – shoot the duck, bitches! Of course, like any good 12 Step Program, there’s some shit that takes a little getting’ used to: them synth layers in the chorus is crazy! But, once you succumb to the facts that K knows beats, and Raw knows how to slay ‘em, life is a whole lot better for all involved.Panacea2AndyFatHead:
Initially I thought Stumble Home was gonna be my track. There aren't many that can't relate to that hook, "I'm just wasted walkin on a curb side to side, not set for public and too drunk to ride", not many at all. As I've listened more and more, though, Natural Selection and Blue Oceanwave have been the ones that I find on repeat most. Natural Selection, for me, it's a simple track...simple lyrics, simple delivery, simple bassline.  It's this simplicity, in a complex sounding album, that allows my ears a reprieve and just sit back and nod my head. I always hate to play the comparison game, but there are times that Raw Poetic reminds me of Black Thought (I think BrainSlice and I had this discussion once before) and Blue Oceanwave, in particular, stands out as one of those instances. (Note: If Black Thought is not in your Top 7 you should be drawn, hanged, and quartered...jus sayin). That itself is reason enough to listen to this track over and over, add in the horns and ocean sounds...goodnight!
Wait! Don’t turn off the lights yet!! I got something else to say. The first time I listed to 12 Step Program, I wanted to call it experimental – a real veer-right from the Panacea I’d come to know and love. Then I realized that none of this should have come as a surprise; the writing was on the proverbial wall in Piano-rama. The fifth Panacea album isn’t so much experimental as it is exploratory. Just like us, K-Murdock and Raw Poetic have an addiction (whatever Benny). And just like us, they don’t wanna come down. They’re too busy finding the outer-reaches of their hip-hop bliss, and luckily enough, we get to go along for the ride. Welcome to the club!
Time to pass out…our ratings, that is:
BennyFatHeadFeelin' It BrainFatHead_V1Good to the Last Drop!    CatchFatHead  Good to the Last Drop!


K-Murdock said...

YO! you guys are effin hilarious... i would love to see a video of your reviews complete with segues and cues. for some reason im thinking about an sNL skit meets YO! MTV Raps in its prime on some Fab 5 Freddy, Dr. Dre & Ed Lova shit! I love it, thanx for the words, laughs and 40s! Anything u all need = DONE!

Game blouses... im out!

Benny B said...

We do have a video camera and producer...now all we need is some hip hop gear. You know, skinny jeans and schmedium t-shirts. C'mon son!

BrainSlice said...

I could swipe one of my wifey's pink t-shirts.....but then I'd have to buy a pink G-Shock to match.