Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dunn did it again….

One…shot, that is.  The one-take wonder series of videos from Court Dunn (Restless Films) continues, this time taking on “Letter” from Rhymefest’s pre-El Che mixtape: Dangerous: 5:18While the irony of Fest and John Mayer working together is tough to ignore, the song and video are too hot to hate!  As usual, Dunn has found a way to capture the heart of the song  (as well as the fact that ‘Fest needs to get them sausage-link-fingers into a typing class), with the simplicity of one camera and a whole heap o’ ingenuity.  Peep:

Not gonna lie, drags a little over the last minute, but I’m a big fan of this series of videos – keep on keepin’ on!!


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BrainSlice said...

Damn, those King Kong hands look like they could knock Charles Hamilton's head off in one swipe.