Friday, April 2, 2010

Conspiracy Theory, and I’m not talkin’ about Mel Gibson…..son.

Yes, The BrainSlice is still alive, despite what Catch and Benny may suspect, I AM functioning despite whatever illegal/legal substances are coursing through my veins. I’m back bitches.

Conspiracy Radio

I’ve been meaning to introduce you all to a couple friends of mine for a while now. These dudes keep me company during my workday ever since I canceled my Sirius/XM subscription (If you are not aware of WHY I stopped giving my money to the suits over there, go HERE to find out, and watch the following video – dedicated to Sirius/XM, and pretty much anyone else that is wearing a suit).

Mista MontanaMista Montana and Menace have been doing their thing for aMenace while now, and I must say they are very good at it. Don’t hate on ‘em because they’re Redcoats…..that’s right, 2 blokes from across the pond are running shit right now.

CONSPIRACY WORLDWIDE RADIO is quite possibly the most relevant Hip Hop show out there (of course you know SubSoniq will always be my #1, but they are new to the podcast game). You will not believe their insane guest list. Click HERE and go check out the FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE SHOW. If you didn’t already know, FM Radio and Satellite Radio are garbage (hate to burst your bubble, but Lil’ Wayne and Gucci Mane can suck it).

Do yourself a favor and download ALL of their shows (they are on Itunes as Podcasts, or you can get them directly from the website). You better thank me for puttin’ you on this shit.

8722838 The BrainSlice abides.

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