Thursday, April 8, 2010

Charles Hamilton - Paperboy X SegaMusic X Choices

With the release of "Normalcy" and the release of "The Binge Vol. 3", Charles Hamilton is definitely back in business beating your eardrums senseless. Charles has vowed that "The Binge" will be his last mixtape (before the album I assume) which is dropping in May or June. That being said, Mr. Sonic himself will be dropping a song a week until the release of the single.  It started with Paperboy featurning B.o.B, next up was Sega Music (Last of the Mauritians), and now Choices (A Wave For Alex). People can say what they want about Mr. Hamilton, and most of them do, but I like the dude and the music he puts out. Yeah, the dude is MAD eccentric, but to each their own. I saved myself some time and zipped the 3 songs together in one dowload for y'all to enjoy. I'm gonna try and keep up, but the way this dude has put out music in the past...wish me luck!

Oh yeah, and if you have yet to pick up "The Binge Vol. 3" you can go here and pick it up for FREE!

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