Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spaceman - Greetings Earthlings The Mixtape

The young guy has arrived...finally. It is now time for the world to be introduced to Spaceman. Today Spaceman released his "Greetings Earthlings The Mixtape". Personally, I have been waiting on this one for waaaaaayyyy too long. First saw Space a few years back as a hype man for D.Black and thought to myself..."I kinda like this cat". Space has slowly worked his way up the ranks at SnL, and now his time has come. You can pick it up at his blog or at the link below. Don't forget to hit up the dude on twitter and let him know what you think (@Spac3man). I'm glad to finally see him gettin his shine, he is a real personable dude. I brought back some of the previous videos for y'all to peep as well.

The first is a little viral freestyle put out by the SnL crew...shout out to DeVon, Jen, D.Black, Fatal, and the whole crew.

This one features Brainstorm (of Dyme Def) and is produced by Jack The Ripper. Good look at the 206 in this one.

Finally, what all you greedy bastids have been waiting for...though you probably just skipped right to it. I present to you...Spaceman "Greeting Earthlings The Mixtape". Peace.

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