Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OC Notes - Coffee Beans...The Glamour ReWorks

A few days ago PSmoov of Fresh Espresso released the acapellas from their album "Glamour" over at The Proof for the local 206 producers to remix and post as they wish. I'm here to tell you, there have been some dope remixes so far (and they're not done yet). OC Notes took it upon himself to "rework" the entire album, and it turned out kinda fresh. The link is below, go here to download for free or hit the link below. If you are curious to hear the rest of the remixes (so far) you can check them out here.

OC Notes - Coffee Beans: The Glamour Reworks

If you're a producer yourself and want to try your hand at remixing some of Fresh Espresso tracks you can get those here as well. Good luck! 

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